Short Course on Lab Animal Science


I’ve been attending the Short Course for several years now. Each year, I come away with new facts and new approaches to working with the challenges we face in laboratory animal science and medicine. I particularly value the interaction with the speakers and the other attendees; this networking is one of the highlights.
--Cynthia Pekow, DVM, Chief, Veterinary Medical Unit, VA, Puget Sound Health Care System, 2016 Attendee

This is my first Short Course attendance. Wow! What an amazing meeting! There is lots of depth and breadth of knowledge provided by the speakers, a diversity of topics, and practical advice on facility and personnel management. I’m very impressed with the organization of the meeting, energy and helpfulness of staff.
--Debra Rateri, Scientist III, University of Kentucky, 2016 Attendee

It’s a golden opportunity for networking! I have learned so much during these 4 days and the Short Course has given me insights on how to take better care of the animals. I also found the facility and staff management topics very useful, as speakers relate it in the animal lab setting.
--Hazel Chung, Assistant Technical Director, The University of Hong Kong, 2016 Attendee

I would recommend the short course for all levels of professionals; there were opportunities of interest for everyone. The variety of professionals brought together in one place is amazing! 
--Chris Hart, Animal Facility Manager, UMass Amherst, 2016 Attendee

“I was truly amazed at the amount of practical, interesting and real-life information I received. The presenters were very knowledgeable and supportive. I’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and information to share at my facility.”

--Linda Carangia, Veterinary Associate, Merck, 2015 Attendee


“This is a networking opportunity and the Charles River folks make it so easy to come, see and learn. I would definitely return and recommend this meeting to my preclinical associates.”
--Donna Korvick, Attending Veterinarian, Ethicon, 2015 Attendee

“This is my 2nd time attending the short course and I have to admit, it never disappoints! The lectures are so informative and the speakers are very engaging. The topic options are diverse, ranging from basic biology & husbandry to lean management and state public policy. I love that you are not restricted to one track.”
--Samantha Peneyra, DVM, The Rockefeller University, 2015 attendee


“This course is one of the best values for cost in the country and anyone looking for continuing education for staff members should consider it. In 25 years of traveling for CECs, the Charles River Short Course has been my favorite venue.”

--Cheri West, DVM, Clinical Veterinarian, St. Louis University, 2014 Attendee


“I love the choices for lectures. They were relevant and interesting. The speakers were leaders in their field and referenced current literature. I would highly recommend the Short Course for all levels of laboratory animal science from vet student to resident.”

--Melissa Nashat, Veterinary Post-Doc, The Rockefeller University, 2014 Attendee

"It is a great resource for all aspiring clinical veterinarians and veterinary students."
--Ramaswamy Chidambaram, DVM, University of Connecticut Health Center, 2013 Attendee

"As a veterinary student with an interest in pursuing a career in laboratory animal medicine, this was an excellent experience. I was surprised by all that I learned, the wonderful networking opportunities, Camp ACLAM, as well as the welcoming and receptive nature of all the participants and speakers. I will greatly recommend this opportunity to anyone interested in laboratory animal medicine."
--Loretta Rodriguez, University of Florida, 2013 Attendee

"Many of the topics were subjects that I was very interested in learning. I will be bringing back to my animal facility new ideas as a result of my attending the Charles River Short Course."

--Nancy McGilloway, Boston College, 2013 Attendee

“I feel like I have been pampered the whole time. Super, well-organized and on time!”
Melinda MacDonald, Ethicon, 2012 Attendee

“The faculty is fantastic and the most service-minded and helpful. They make it easy to ask questions and get the answers. We always lobby and recommend this course to our Sweden colleagues.”
Kristina Edvardsson, Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm Sweden, 2012 Attendee

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