SLN Faculty Development Workshops - Webinars 2013

These five workshops are designed to provide the essential knowledge and skills required for developing an effective web-enhanced, hybrid/blended, or fully online course:

  1. Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning 
  2. Effective Online Content Presentation 
  3. Facilitating Effective Online Interaction 
  4. Authentic Online Assessment 
  5. Teaching and Managing Your Online Course

A sixth workshop is offered once you have begun teaching your course:

6.  Review and Revise Your Online Course 

New Faculty
New Faculty Pre-Training Checklist - Complete prior to attending your first workshop/webinar. 

Workshop 1

1.  Introduction to Online Teaching and Learning

This workshop introduces the three core pedagogical components essential for an effective teaching/learning environment:

  • Presentation: Develop and structure your course content. 
  • Engagement/Interaction: Determine how your students will interact with the course content, how they will interact with you, and how they will interact with each other.
  • Assessment: Provide a reliable and valid measure of student achievement. 

    Workshop 2

    2.  Effective Online Content Presentation

    This workshop will explore the value and application of content items fundamental to the development of an effective teaching/learning environment. We will begin the course development process by importing an SLN master course and adding content items such as folders, pages, links, files, drop boxes, and discussion forums.

    Workshop 3

    3.  Facilitating Effective Online Interaction

    The focus of this workshop is on engagement through interactivity. Effective courses engage the learner in several ways:

    • Engagement with the professor
    • Engagement with other students
    • and engagement with the content 

    Each of these can be a significant factor in orchestrating an effective course. In this workshop we will consider the effective use of a variety of interactive strategies, including discussion forums, teams, journals, the bulletin Board, and Course Mail.

    Workshop 4

    4.  Authentic Online Assessment

    In this workshop we addresses the need for authentic and reliable online evaluation and assessment strategies. Topics included in this workshop are:
    Assess or Evaluate?

    • Written Assignments using the ANGEL Dropbox
    • The ANGEL Assessment: Exams / Surveys / Games
    • Creating and using a test item pool

    Workshop 5

    5.  Teaching and Managing Your Online Course

    This workshop provides effective strategies and best practice tips for managing the daily activities in an online course. Issues covered in this workshop include:

    • Announcements
    • The "Talk With the Professor / Ask a Question" discussion forum
    • The course Bulletin Board
    • Roster management
    • Setting up the course gradebook
    • Grading discussions, exams, and written assignments
    • Setting up and implementing teams
    • Using course mail efficiently
    • Using ANGEL reports 

    Workshop 6

    6. Review and Revise Your Online Course

    This workshop is attended while participants are teaching their first online course and will focus on reassessing learning strategies implemented, for development of course related best practices, in preparation for future offerings.