SLN Workshops: Fall 2012 Development Cycle

Registration is now open!

Questions regarding Fall 2012 Faculty Development Guidelines please contact Jim Harris at the SUNY Learning Network.
Phone: 1-800-875-6269
Questions regarding your registration please contact Michaela Rehm at the SUNY Center for Professional Development.
Phone: 315-214-2418

New Information - Please read before you register

Please Note: If this is the first time you are going through the SLN Development cycle please select New Faculty as your attendee type. If you completed the previous development cycle (Spring 2012) please select Experienced Faculty. 

In order to register for the Quality Matters workshop, please select "Experienced Faculty", even if you have not gone through the SLN Faculty Development Cycle. 

SLN Fall 2012 Development Cycle Workshops

If you have already registered for a SLN training event this development cycle and would like to add or remove a training event, click on “Already Registered?” below.