Society of Wine Educators 42nd Annual Conference

On Tuesday August 14th, SWE will offer three Master Classes. You may purchase Master Classes individually or the Master Class Package in the Optional Pre-Conference Items page when you register.

Master Classes - Tuesday, August 14


Explore the Crus of Beaujolais with a Guided Tasting of the Ten Crus

Presented by Kate Norris and Philippe Marchal

(10:30 AM - 12:00 PM)

There are 12 different Beaujolais appellations, 10 of which are known as Crus. The 10 Crus are the region's most celebrated wines, and each is unique thanks to its terroir (combination of soil, vine, and climate characteristics). 

Inter Beaujolais is now conducting in-depth research on the Crus soils. The soils exhibit enormous diversity and include granite, blue stone, pink granite, clay, slate, limestone, alluvial soils, sandstone, golden stone, volcanic rock ancient stones, ancient pebbles, and sedimentary rocks. 

While delightful when young, the Crus really show true potential with cellaring. Time in the bottle reveals darker fruits, spice, and often, meaty qualities. These wines also exhibit the many faces of the Gamay grape – from seductive fruit and floral aromas to silky tannins and bolder expressions of terroir.  

 The Art of Wine Making in Beaujolais + Tasting of Beaujolais Wines Using Different Wine Making Methods

Presented by Philippe Marchal

(1:30 PM - 3:00 PM) 

The Beaujolais wine making method is unique and original. It requires hand picking to keep the bunches whole. The bunches are then placed in a vat without crushing. Although it remains traditional and widely spread, whole bunch vinification is no longer the only method used in Beaujolais: some winemakers practice partial or full de-stemming to produce wines in a more Burgundian way.

We will end the seminar with a special focus on natural wines and organic wines in Beaujolais.

Women Winemakers in Beaujolais + A Tasting of Their Wines

Presented by Kate Norris

(3:30 PM - 5:00 PM) 

Today, Beaujolais is not only seeing a new generation of winemakers emerge, but also one that includes more women. Several young women are buying estates or taking over their family’s operation and experimenting with new winemaking techniques to make elegant and expressive wines to call their own. Kate Norris will explore these women’s philosophies and wines, while relating them to her own experience as a female winemaker having trained in France and working more with Gamay.

***Please note that the Master Classes will overlap with the Finger Lakes Winery Tours. Attendees will be unable to participate in both.