Take command of soft tissues and deliver exceptional treatment results.
Join us for the one of a kind Soft Tissue Orthodontics course! Designed specifically for orthodontists, this course will revolutionize how you view soft tissue based diagnosis and treatment planning. You will learn to select appliances that target ideal soft tissue contours, and will be equipped with the latest soft tissue finishing™ techniques using injectables, allowing you to take command of the soft tissues and deliver exceptional treatment outcomes. Expand the scope of your practice through the most comprehensive training on soft tissue directed treatment in orthodontics!

Did You Know
Adult patients are the most rapidly growing segment in orthodontics.
The amount of cosmetic procedures for women has grown by 471% since 1997.
Injectables represent the most frequently performed noninvasive procedures.

Why Orthodontists and Injectables?

The practice of orthodontics is defined as the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of dental and facial irregularities, including neuromuscular and skeletal abnormalities of the developing or mature orofacial structures. Orthodontists are uniquely qualified to affect such conditions through proper diagnosis and the appropriate application of orthodontic interventions, including injectables. Additionally, many state boards now officially recognize and support orthodontists in offering patients neuromodulators and fillers for both therapeutic and cosmetic applications.

Join the movement and propel your practice to the next level!

Our program includes a comprehensive discussion on the new frontier of orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning with a focus on soft tissue directed treatment strategies and soft tissue finishing techniques using injectables. During the program, we will cover:
• An Introduction to Soft Tissue Orthodontics™
• Esthetic Contour Analysis & Soft Tissue Diagnosis
• Soft Tissue Directed Appliance Selection & Treatment Strategies
• The Use of Injectables for Soft Tissue Finishing™
• Introduction to Hyaluronic Acid Fillers, Properties, and Physiology
• Anatomic Review
• Injection Techniques, Documentation, Treatment Strategy (Live Injections)
• Orthodontic Practice Integration

Hands-on Exercises:

Program exercises include patient evaluation, injection techniques, documentation and treatment strategy. To perform injections on live patients during the course, doctors must be licensed in the course state, provide proof of liability protection, sign treatment waiver, follow patient treatment protocols, and purchase injectables (not included in tuition fee) that will be used during the course. Alternate hands-on exercises are available for doctors licensed outside of the course state.

Patient Treatment:

To perform injections on live patients during the course, doctors must be licensed in the course state, follow course protocols, and purchase injectables to be used during the course.

No prior training with injectables is required.

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