Get insight and direction on specialty product markets like micronutrient, humic, high-efficiency, biologicals, water solubles, inhibitors, slow/controlled release, foliar, biostimulants and more!

9-CCA-CEUs-BurstThe continued expansion of new and advanced products leads to many business questions:

  • Which product areas are having the greatest impact?
  • What are the considerations to carrying the new and expanding lines?
  • What are the emerging technologies that can change the market?

Green Markets answers the call for new and exciting business intelligence with the 4th annual Specialty Fertilizer Global Summit. Join us in NOLA where we'll cover some leading edge concepts including:

  • Trends in specialty product development
  • New testing methods for humic and hydrophobic fulvic acids in commercial products
  • Bio-stimulant markets update
  • Making bio-fertilizer more user-friendly
  • Small-molecule chemistry and a new class of crop inputs
  • Nanotechnology to increase nitrogen use efficiency

See the full agenda, check out the world class faculty, and plan to join in for this valuable learning and networking event!


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