Registration Type Instructions (Read Carefully)

New Certification : This is my first time taking this ART® seminar. 

Recertification: I have previously taken this ART® seminar.

EPN Provider:  
I have an ART Elite Provider Agreement with ART Corporate Solutions.

Student: I am a full-time active student enrolled in a college, university or certificate program, working toward a healthcare practitioner degree with state or national licensure OR I graduated from such a program within the last six-months.

Instructor:  I have completed the instructor pathway and have been accredited as an ART® instructor.


Spine Level 2 Certification

  1. EPN Provider Fee

  2. Instructor Fee

  3. New Certification Fee

  4. Recertification Fee

  5. Student Fee


Additional Items

CEU Processing Fee

  1. $100.00

Paper Manual and Instructional Video USB Drive

  1. Complimentary

Paper Manual Replacement

  1. $115.00

Paper Manual (EPN)

  1. Complimentary

Instructional Video USB (EPN)

  1. Complimentary

Instructional Video USB Replacement

  1. $55.00

Expedited Shipping

  1. $50.00

International Shipping

  1. $30.00

ARTMan Subscription

  1. Complimentary

Directory Listing

  1. Complimentary

Payment Message

All transactions will be handled in USD.