State of Alaska Conference Project Form Submittal

This event has been cancelled. If you have any questions, please contact the event planner directly.


1.The Key Contact (Initial Requester and/or Manager Authorizing Request) enters all required information on the Conference Project Form (CPF). If interested in a specific category of services, check yes for a detailed listing of services available under that heading (see Scope of Work page for further information). Hit submit button for form to be submitted to Contractor - Event Travel Management (ETM).

2. Request a Food Memo if required.

3. Once the CPF has been submitted to ETM, an email confirmation will be automatically generated recapping all requested services.

4. Once ETM receives the CPF, a conference call will be set up between the Key Contact and ETM Project Manager, to recap the meeting specifics, discuss the budget and clarify any outstanding items / questions.

5. After the conference call, ETM will prepare a Quote for Services.

6. ETM will submit the signed Quote for Services to the Key Contact & Ordering Agency Procurement Division for approval. This will include all budgeted expenses, labor and deposits.

7. Upon approval of the Quote for Services, the Ordering Agency Procurement Division will then forward the signed Quote for Services to the Divisions of General Services Procurement Officer for final review and signature.

8. The Division of General Services will send the fully executed Quote for Services to ETM and the Ordering Agency Procurement Division.

9. This completes the submittal process and ETM can begin  to work on the Scope of Work.

10. ETM may request from the Ordering Agency a deposit for various services rendered, such as speaker and attendee travel, scholarship funding and hotel deposits that are identified in the Quote for Services.

11. If you have any questions regarding the form or submitting process, please contact: Emily Fairbanks, Event Travel Management: email, phone 907-786-0132.  


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