Statistics for Evidence Based Practice in the Health Sciences

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Fast Track Course

MH900399480This is an online, learner directed, college level course in Statistics for the Health Sciences. This course meets the pre-requisite requirement for the University of Rochester School of Nursing's Accelerated Nursing Program. It is also possible for students in other programs to take the course-- just check with your intended college or university! 

 In this course you will work your way through 13 modules as an introduction to the biostatistical concepts and the skills necessary to interpret data for Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) in the Health Sciences.The modules include readings, lectures, PowerPoints, learning activities and assignments. You are then assessed by a test at the end of each module

Although you can work at your own pace and under your own direction, the professor is available to you via email to check your progress, suggest additional study materials, and answer any questions you may have. This is a three credit class, and it is designed to take each student approximately 125 hours, which is the equivalent amount to the time that it is expected college students spend both in class and on outside readings and assignments for any college-level 3 credit class.


This course is offered every Fall, Spring and Summer with rolling registration

Summer 2016

You can start any time between 6/10/2016 and 8/1/2016, but you must finish by 8/30/2016. Registration opens in April 2016.

Tuition: $1, 150

Fall 2016

You can start any time between 9/10/2016 and 12/1/2016, but you must finish by 12/30/2016. Registration opens in July 2016.

Tuition: $1,150

Spring 2017

You can start any time between 1/10/2017 and 4/1/2017, but you must finish by 4/30/2017. Registration opens in November 2016.

Tuition: $1,150

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