Success Strategy Weekend 2020

No PLAN, No Gain

What if you could stop feeling broke? What if you started living your best life—debt-free? What if you had a success roadmap designed for you AND your business? Come to Success Strategy Weekend this January and turn those what ifs into what IS.

Living paycheck to paycheck (or party to party)? Not in 2020! At SSW, you’ll create a customized business plan using exclusive training content you can’t get anywhere else! Learn how to crush your goals as you work with fellow Consultants, regional leaders, and Corporate trainers to set strategic milestones in 2020 and reap the benefits of SSW, all year long!


Registration Fee: $99 USD 

​Note - in order to be recognized at Success Strategy Weekend, you must be registered by December 15th, 11:59pm EST. 


What to Wear

Professionista Attire and a sweater if desired. Room temperature can be cold.

What to Bring

Writing utensil, calendar and a notebook.


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