Cotton-Field-TallThe only sulphur conference that delivers business insight by looking deep into major sulphur-specific product markets.

Sulphur markets are set for changes in supply dynamics with numerous projects expected in the coming years. New Middle East refineries and declines in North America and Latin America will have an effect.

Regulation requiring low sulphur refined products will come into play as well; not just limited to IMO 2020, but also in India where new standards are imminent.

On the demand side, phosphate and sulphur-fortified fertilizers, and the ever expanding need for sulphuric acid supply will play a key role in balancing the market.

In sulphuric acid, a balanced-to-tight market led to supplier diversification, non-traditional sourcing and changes to acid trade flows. Increased availability out of China and the first import tank on the west coast of North America will play key roles going forward.

In this context that Green Markets brings you
Sulphur Products Summit: Insight on Ag and Industry.

Join key players in the sulphur complex and explore these market influences along with insight on paper, metals, water treatment and more to gain a clear understanding of where sulphur product markets and prices are headed.


For questions about Sulphur Products Summit please contact Customer Service at 800.531.0140 (1.603.357.8103) or email

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