Leaching-Pad_v3Explore the Thought Leadership at Sulphur & Sulphuric Acid Summit 2017

Below you'll find an extraordinary lineup of sessions dedicated to the major business considerations of operating in the sulphur and sulphuric acid markets.

From the latest thinking on supply trends to new areas of developing demand across industries, this Summit gives stakeholders in the sulphur complex unique business intelligence unavailable anywhere else.

We look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

    8:00 AM  -  8:45 AM
    A Manufacturing and Economic Outlook: Perspective From a Leading Economist

    The sulphur and sulphuric acid complex is driven in large part by industrial output and further by general economic strength or weakness.

    This lead-off session will clarify your outlook on the U.S. economy of the next few critical years. You'll hear the latest thinking from a leading economist as to what the drivers and inhibitors of growth will likely be and understand where industrial output is headed.

    Understanding the expected performance of the broader economy is critical to setting the stage for a more granular look at specific influences on the sulphur and sulphuric acid markets.

    8:45 AM  -  9:20 AM
    Nat Gas and Crude: an Outlook for Drivers of Sulphur Supply

    An overabundance of U.S. gas and oil has turned global markets upside down. With failing efforts by cartels to create price support and thousands of wells ready to flow at a moment's notice, where is the market headed?

    In a market such as this, current, objective perspective is key to making conclusions that impact your business.

    This session gives you a close examination of the nat gas and crude markets worldwide with a particular focus on North American dynamics. You'll hear from a leading oil and gas analyst on the drivers of sulphur supply and hear his exclusive outlook for the near term.

    9:20 AM  -  9:55 AM
    Global Sulphur Market Overview and Outlook

    Trade shifts and flow disruptions, inventory buildup and the dreaded "tsunami" are all impacting the sulphur complex at one level or another.

    This session gives attendees in-depth coverage of ALL the dynamics impacting the sulphur industries from a global perspective and with a North American focus. What will the supply/demand balance look like in 2017 and coming years? How will Mosaic's melter and Mexican supply impact the market?

    And most importantly... where are prices headed and is there room for optimism? Find out in this critical session delivered by your Summit co-host, who also is a leading expert analyst on the topic.

    9:55 AM  -  10:15 AM
    Morning Networking Break
    10:15 AM  -  10:50 AM
    Phosphate Production Outlook

    The production of DAP and MAP eats a lot of sulphuric acid.

    What's special this year is that plant startups expected from some major players will keep the market well supplied. These same large players and others, have shown production discipline with companies going so far as to curtail production to support prices.

    But is this strategy expected to hold? And to what extent will this slack capacity create a challenging environment to realize any price support?

    This session features expertise from a leading market analyst to answer all the supply (and demand) questions facing the DAP/MAP market. It's critical knowledge for anyone with a stake in the sulphur, sulphuric acid and/or fertilizer markets.

    10:50 AM  -  11:25 AM
    Dry Bulk Shipping Rates and Vessel Availability

    Not unlike commodity markets, shipping has seen its share of upheaval over the last several years. Freight rates are pressured in most areas while vessel availability has become less of an issue.

    How long will this dynamic hold? And what does it mean for dry bulk shippers and other logistics professionals across the complex?

    In this session you'll identify the relevant aspects of the current freight market and its potential to impact the sulphur market and the associated economics going forward.

    11:25 AM  -  12:00 PM
    The Bunker Fuel Mandate: Who's Driving the Boat?

    IMO 2020 (or perhaps 2025?) is a big step in reducing ship pollution as limits on sulphur in fuel are slashed by almost 90%.

    But many questions abound. Can refiners actually produce enough of the fuel to economically serve the fleet? Or will on-board scrubbers take on the heavy lifting of reducing emissions?

    Separately, what is the state of the dry bulk shipping industry? What are the other trends that are impacting vessel availability and pricing?

    In this session you'll hear the current thinking on the implementation of IMO 2020, and its impact on shipping. You'll also get perspective on the broader shipping industry to get informed of potential impacts on the sulphur market.

    12:00 PM  -  1:15 PM
    Networking Luncheon
    1:15 PM  -  1:50 PM
    The Expanded Agricultural Use of Sulphur

    Sulphur bentonite and micronutrient-enhanced sulphur products play a key role in the spectrum of fertilizers available to the agriculture industry.

    In this session you'll hear first-hand from a leading manufacturer of sulphur nutrient products as to where the market is headed.

    Will sulphur application continue to build momentum? And which crops, in which regions, can benefit most from sulphur?

    Join us to hear just what the prospects are for the "fourth primary" nutrient in agriculture.

    1:50 PM  -  2:25 PM
    Sulphuric Acid: A Global Outlook and North American Focus

    Putting all the pieces together, this session will deliver an outlook for sulphuric acid that includes supply and demand analysis, pricing forecasts, and contingencies that everyone in the market can use for planning in 2017 and beyond.

    Much more than a high-level market review. This is analysis that details the sulphuric acid market at a level of granularity unavailable anywhere else.

    Make sure to bring your market questions, and those from your organization, to this important session that ends with a Q&A from the expert speaker.

    2:25 PM  -  3:00 PM
    The Impact of Falling Pulp and Paper Production

    As electronic media continues to shred paper demand. Tariffs, duties and global competition are weighing on U.S. markets.

    In this session you'll gain extensive insight onto the near-term expectations for the paper market including production levels, both globally and within the States. With the Summit located in the heart of paper processing in America, it's the perfect venue to share market knowledge on a key component of sulphuric acid demand.

    How far will the pulp and paper market continue to contract? Join an objective expert on the industry to find out!

    3:00 PM  -  3:35 PM
    Metals and Mining: An Expert View, Latest Projections

    Limited production additions combined with the potential for more "normal" outages could improve the fundamental copper supply and demand balance in 2017. Trends in other metals that play a role in the sulphuric acid complex are starting to reveal themselves as well.

    This session features expert visibility into the metals markets that matter to the supply and demand of sulphuric acid.

    To what extent will the metals processing market expand or contract in 2017 and beyond? Join us to find out.

    3:35 PM  -  3:55 PM
    Afternoon Networking Break
    3:55 PM  -  4:30 PM
    Ethanol: Scenarios for Mandate Driven Demand for Sulphuric Acid

    While a relatively low amount of sulphuric acid is required per unit of ethanol produced, it does represent a notable portion of U.S. demand.

    Acid consumption from this sector is strongest in the Midwest where ethanol production is concentrated.

    This session, from a leading consulting firm, will provide an outlook into trends in U.S. ethanol production that will influence sulphuric acid demand accordingly, including an assessment of the differing impact scenarios related to biofuel mandates.

    4:30 PM  -  5:05 PM
    What's Powering the Alkylation Market?

    Alkylation and sulphuric acid regeneration processes are critical to the production of the North American gasoline pool. This complex has major implications on sulphuric acid supply and demand.

    In this session you'll hear from North America's largest provider of sulphuric acid regeneration services, as well the largest supplier of virgin sulphuric acid.

    Join us to gain a deep understanding of the regeneration process, learn of the demand drivers of sulphuric acid in this critical market and get insight into the future of alkylate production.

    5:05 PM  -  5:40 PM
    New Sulphuric Acid Demand in Specialty Agricultural Use

    Anuniva Plant Nutrients uses a patented innovative manufacturing process to create slow-release plant nutrients. The system uses a natural binding mechanism to create products that require no artificial polymers or coatings.

    Their model is important to the sulphuric acid market for a few reasons, not least of which is a new source of demand that needs to be understood.

    In this session you'll learn about Anuvia’s production process, their unique formulation and business model, expansion plans and both current and potential demand for sulphuric acid. It's a lesson not only about a very interesting company, but also an example of future demand drivers that everyone should realize.

    5:45 PM  -  6:45 PM
    Networking Cocktail Reception
    After a full day of learning, we hope you'll join us to take some time to relax, share ideas and expand your network at the Summit cocktail reception.