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AARP Foundation

AARP Foundation - a charitable affiliate of AARP - helps low-income older adults transform their lives through programs, services, and vigorous legal advocacy. We work to ensure that low - income older adults have nutritious food, housing that is affordable, livable and healthy, a steady income, and strong and sustaining social bonds.

What We Do
Through the programs of AARP Foundation, we can give struggling Americans 50 and over a chance to recover their confidence, regain a foothold and stay on track. We help struggling seniors by being a force for change on the most serious issues they face today.

Direct Assistance
Working with local groups, government and national organizations, and corporations, the Foundation creates and supports solutions that help older people meet life's essentials: food, housing, income and personal connection.

Legal Advocacy
We stand up for mature individuals in the courts. AARP Foundation Litigation advocates on behalf of older Americans, protecting their legal rights in critical retirement, health, long-term care and consumer issues.

Raise Awareness
We work to increase awareness among individuals and thought leaders about the critical issues low-income older Americans face today, including research into causes and longtime solutions for these problems.

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