Brent Shimoda

"Despite the pandemic, this has been one of the best summers of my life thanks to this program! Although these 8-weeks flew by, I know the friendships I’ve made will last long beyond that." 

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So far, this program has given me a glimpse into how multifaceted medicine actually is. Every person we’ve heard from has had a unique background that ultimately led to their current role in medicine, whether that be the CEO of Hawai‘i Pacific Health, a practicing physician or clinical researcher. It’s fascinating to observe how each individual’s distinctive knowledge and experiences supplement one another; each contributing to a mission of creating a healthier Hawai‘i. Put simply, to see the ways in which we depend on each other to advance health care has been inspiring. These past few weeks have also shown me how quickly relationships develop via a shared passion. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting my fellow research scholars through our shared enthusiasm for medicine. Within mere weeks I’ve formed friendships that I’m certain will endure beyond the duration of this program, and I’m excited to see where medicine will lead us all.  

My project focuses on functional recovery following surgical fixation of distal radius fractures. In particular, we are comparing postoperative pain and range of motion between patients who were placed in a cast and those who were not placed in a cast following surgery. 



Principal Investigators

Sam Chen, MD
Straub Medical Center

Project Name
Functional Recovery Following Surgical Treatment for Distal Radius Fracture without Casting

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