Anna Ung

"I’ll never forget the invaluable lessons that my mentors, physician speakers, and program coordinators have taught me in my journey of becoming a doctor."

Anna - Student PageUniversity of Hawaii at Mānoa

As my first experience with clinical research, this program has taught me to appreciate how interdisciplinary medicine can be. While laboratory bench work focuses on the microscopic details, clinical research analyzes patterns in medicine that can directly translate into the improvement of patient care, and both work together to help physicians to master in their practice. This program has provided opportunities to speak with a wide variety of physicians, allowing me to understand what a commitment to medicine truly entails. I can now say with confidence that this is the path I wish to pursue.

This summer, I was honored to work with Dr. Kelly Yamasato.  We investigated evidence-based, cost-effective recommendations for obstetricians. My project aims to study the utility of 3rd trimester ultrasound as an efficient fetal surveillance strategy for patients at risk for intrauterine growth restriction in the setting of abnormal maternal serum analytes. 


Principal Investigators
Kelly Yamasato, MD
University Health Partners

Project Name
Association Between Maternal Serum Analytes and 3rd Tri Intrauterine Growth Restriction

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