Project: Functional Recovery Following Surgical Treatment for Distal Radius Fracture without Casting
 Sam Chen
Brent_PI page

Sam Chen, MD
Straub Medical Center 
Brent Shimoda
Vassar College
Project: COVID-19 Testing at Hawaii Pacific Health 
H Hillesland

03_M Ushijima

Heidi Hillesland, MD
Wilcox Medical Center
Maya Ushijima
Occidental College

Project:  Pediatric Bronchiolitis Admissions: What opportunities exist to safely and cost effectively improve patient care?
Jessica KosutMarissa Fakaosita 02_C Kurashima
Jessica Kosut, MD
Kapi‘olani Medical Center
for Women & Children
Marissa Fakaosita, MD 
Kapi‘olani Medical Center 
 for Women & Children
 Courtney Kurashima
Chaminade University

Project: Incidence of Bleeding Complications Post PCI in an Asian Population: Clopidogrel versus Newer Agents
John Kao
04_J Aurelio  
 John Kao, MD
Pali Momi Medical Center
 Jan Augustine Aurelio
Brown University

 Project: Use of Posterior Acoustic Shadow for Renal Stone Measurement
Franklin Lee 05_M Alexander  
 Franklin Lee, MD
Pali Momi Medical Center
Matthew Alexander
Brown University
Project: Osteoporotic Hip Fracture Treatment Rates and Predictors for Treatment at Hawai‘i Pacific Health 
S Y Lim
 06_L Taylor 
 Sian Yik Lim, MD
Pali Momi Medical Center
Luke Taylor
Chapman University
Project: Social Determinants of Health Concerns at Hawai‘i Pacific Health 
G Livaudais 07_K Akau  
Gerard Livaudais, MD, MPH, FACP
Hawai‘i Pacific Health
Keala Akau
Yale University
Project: Utilizing Procalcitonin (PCT) to Decrease Antibiotic Use in Pediatric Patients Admitted for Pneumonia
 B Mizuo
 10_K Fukuji 
 Barry Mizuo, MD
Kapi‘olani Medical Center
 for Women & Children

Kaylyn Fukuji
University of Portland

Project: Prevalence of Suboptimal Baseline Test Results Among High School Athletes: A Comparison of Valid, Invalid and Sandbagging ImPACT Scorers
W Tsushima  09_D Lawton 
 William Tsushima, PhD
Straub Medical Center
Dylan Lawton
Santa Clara University
Project: Rates of On-Scene Epinephrine Administration in Cases of Peanut Anaphylaxis 
Loren Yamamoto 08_M Murata  
Loren Yamamoto, MD, MPH,
Kapi‘olani Medical Center
for Women & Children
Michelle Murata
Stanford University

Project: Association Between Maternal Serum Analytes and 3rd Trimester Intrauterine Growth Restriction
 Kelly Yamasato
11_A Ung  
Kelly Yamasato, MD

University Health Partners

Anna Ung
University of Hawai‘i
 at Mānoa
Project: The Benefits of Percutaneous Calcific Lavage in Patients with Shoulder Pain 
 J Young
 K Yamazaki
12_T Hirata 
Justin Young, MD
Straub Medical Center 

M. Kenji Yamazaki, MD
Straub Medical Center 

Trevor Hirata
University of Hawai‘i
at Mānoa


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