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2021 Application Information


The Summer Student Research Program was established in 1986 and provides a limited number of undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in a clinical research study and a medical curriculum organized by Hawai‘i Pacific Health.  

Students are competitively selected and are required to either be Hawai‘i residents or attend college in Hawai‘i at the sophomore through senior credit status at the time of applying.  Preference is given to students with an excellent academic record, a commitment to learn more about clinical research, and an interest in a career in medicine.  

Evidence of achievement in advanced course work and research experience strengthens an application.  Specific experience or competencies may be required for placement on particular projects.  All students should be curious, meticulous in scholarly work, and aware that research often takes many hours of work to produce results. 

All student positions are voluntary. 


The program is designed to expose students to clinical research and the “real world” of medicine.  It provides hands-on experience to discover how clinical research can be integrated into a medical career.

Program Dates and Time Commitment Expected from the Student

The 8-week program will be conducted June 21-August 13, 2021.  Students must be available beginning Monday, June 21.  To successfully complete the program, students should be willing to make a commitment of 35-40 hours per week for the entire 8-week period, and attend all scheduled curriculum activities. Optional activities, such as observing surgeries and shadowing physicians, are available to all students. 

In order to maximally benefit from the program and participate in the full medical curriculum and optional activities, students who are accepted should refrain from committing to other summer courses/activities during the 8-week period.

Clinical Research Experience

Each student is matched with a practicing physician who developed a clinical research project proposal and will be the Principal Investigator (PI) for the project.  Every effort will be made to consider the student’s interests and qualifications when projects are assigned.  

Students will work directly with their PI and will be supported by the Summer Student Research Program staff.  In addition to working on a research project, students are required to attend the formal medical curriculum, which includes three to five scheduled weekly meetings on topics related to research, careers in health care and scheduled visits to medical facilities. 

The PI oversees all aspects of the research study.  The student is responsible for coordinating and carrying out any assignments to accomplish project objectives, under the direction of the PI, the Research Consultant and Summer Student Research Program staff.  Students will complete a written project report describing their work, and will present their findings at a scientific presentation tentatively scheduled for August 12, 2021. 

The specific duties to accomplish each project vary.  However, a typical research project has the following tasks, some or all of which may be done by the student: 

  1. Conduct a literature review and summarize the findings.  This serves to familiarize the student with the current state of knowledge as well as to provide a basis for the introduction and discussion for the presentation and final paper.

  2. Participate in the design of the data collection instrument.  The data collection instrument must be well thought out in order to obtain the information necessary to answer the research questions.

  3. Collect study data through reviewing medical records or other means.

  4. Develop a computer database or continue one already established; enter data and validate it.

  5. Analyze data (with assistance), applying appropriate statistical tests and interpreting the results.

  6. Prepare a final report including the documentation of study methods, analysis of findings, and sufficient information that a project may be completed or interpreted after the student leaves.

  7. Present research subject matter and results to an audience of health care professionals and other guests, using appropriate audio-visual aids.


Some projects may require travel to and from the study site to the Hawai‘i Pacific Health Conference Services office. If a student is considered for such a project, commuting requirements will be discussed beforehand. Any student who participates in a project requiring travel will need to provide their own means of transportation and parking arrangements.   

Application Process: Deadlines and Notification

Students are asked to complete and submit the materials listed below. All items must be submitted to Hawai‘i Pacific Health Conference Services on or before January 15, 2021.  For ease of processing, do not use double-sided printing on mailed pieces.

  1. Application Web Form 

  2. Resume (PDF submitted via Application Web Form) 

  3. Personal Statement (PDF submitted via Application Web Form): Provide a three part personal statement of no more than 500 words (one page) for each section.

    Section 1:  Please describe why you are interested in applying to the program, what you expect to learn from the program, your personal and career goals, and how this program would help in achieving them. 

    Section 2:  Please describe how you have been able to overcome any personal hardship or adversity that you have faced.                                               

    Section 3:  Please describe a job or work experience that you have had and what you learned from it.

  4. Official copy of most current academic transcript mailed or emailed directly from school.

  5. One or Two Letters of Recommendation (mailed or emailed directly from writer): Each applicant is advised to carefully select an individual who knows his/her competency and can demonstrate the applicant’s ability to successfully complete an independent research project and the medical curriculum.

Students are selected competitively on the basis of overall qualifications, interests, academic performance, and letter of recommendation. The Selection Committee may request an interview with you (in person or by telephone) if they have any questions about your application. 

Final selections will be made by April 2021.  Students may be contacted by phone prior to this date if more information is required.

Submission Information

Your completed application and supporting documents must be submitted, or postmarked for mailed pieces, by January 15, 2021. 

I. Access the Application Web Form here and upload your Resume and Personal Statement PDFs. 

II. Submit Letter(s) of Recommendation and Transcript to: 

Hawai‘i Pacific Health Conference Services
1100 Ward Ave., Suite 1045
Honolulu, HI 96814


If you have any questions, please contact Rexie Adlawan at 808-522-3469.

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