Matthew Alexander

 "Learning from doctors with such rich and diverse backgrounds has shown me that there are many paths to medicine. I feel more empowered to forge my own path and not be afraid of failure when it arises."
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I have gained a plethora of experiences while being a part of HPH's Summer Student Research Program. Whether it be clinical research experience, speaking with doctors to get an inside look at their day-to-day lives or having the opportunity to work with the community, this program has been such a privilege to be a part of. 

The research project that I am working on this summer, under the tutelage of my Principal Investigator Dr. Franklin Lee, is examining whether the posterior acoustic shadow that shows up on an ultrasound of a kidney stone, is a better proxy for stone size compared to the stone image on the ultrasound itself.  In conducting this research, we hope to validate, in a clinical setting, previous in vitro studies that have shown that the acoustic shadow more closely mimics the true stone size on ultrasound in an attempt to reduce stone size overestimation. 


Principal Investigator
Franklin Lee, MD
Pali Momi Medical Center
Project Name
Use of Posterior Acoustic Shadow for Renal Stone Measurement

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