Jan Augustine Aurelio

"This experience would not have been complete without the perspectives of and advice from those we aspire to be. Thank you to the physicians and other experts who volunteered their time to speak with and guide us through our own medical journeys."

Jan - Student PageBrown University

Participating in this program has allowed me to see medicine more closely and hear directly from the physicians who care for our community. Hearing from these physicians, particularly as it pertains to patient interactions, has taught me that each of us has something unique to contribute to the changing world of medicine. Our experiences help shape our worldviews, and with a diverse set of people who seek help, we as distinct individuals, are invaluable in tending to those needs.

My project under Dr. John Kao is to investigate the rates of bleeding in Asian patients who undergo PCI procedures and are put on different anti-platelet therapies. Newer therapies are thought to be associated with higher incidences of bleeding. Observing how these drugs behave in vulnerable populations can help set a baseline understanding for related, future studies.

Principal Investigator
John Kao, MD
Pali Momi Medical Center

Project Name
Incidence of Bleeding Complications Post PCI in an Asian Population: Clopidogrel versus Newer Agents

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