Trevor Hirata

"I'm so grateful for all the helping hands that have made this program so memorable. From the uncertainty of this program even happening, to the culmination of a virtual final presentation, the accommodations that were made for us to still get the most out of this opportunity was incredible. It has truly been an experience unlike any other."

Trevor - Student PageUniversity of Hawaiat Mānoa


In just eight weeks, I’ve been able to experience so much. Shadowing various physicians in their practice, going into the OR to observe surgeries, and meeting with many doctors to hear about their path and career in medicine, are just some of the things I have been able to take part in because of this program. On top of that, I have also been able to dive into the research process and scientific method as I work on my research project!

My project looks at calcific tendinopathy in the shoulder, and a lavage treatment used to remove the calcifications. This retrospective study involves individuals who have undergone the lavage treatment and their subsequent follow-up visits to measure any incidence of calcium recurrence following lavage, in the hopes of evaluating the influence of patient comorbidities on the recurrence of calcific tendinopathy. 

Principal Investigators
Justin Young, MD and M. Kenji Yamazaki, MD
Straub Medical Center

Project Name
The Benefits of Percutaneous Calcific Lavage in Patients with Shoulder Pain

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