SUMMERTIME FUNdamentals 9th - 12th Grades
Office of Continuing Education
Monday - Friday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
June 5 - July 14, 2017

Goals and Objectives for

SUMMER FUNdamentals

This 6-week 8½ hour a day program is  a STEM-focused adventure designed to shore up or advance skills, readying students for success in the coming year. Students will learn about and demystify science, math, and a variety of cultures. Activities will include fun-filled STEM projects as well as exciting and challenging adventures in reading, writing, and critical thinking, mixed with culture and interactive activities. Students will have Spanish conversation classes so they will be able to communicate in Spanish and be understood by a Spanish-speaking person. The emphasis for all activities will be on learning while having fun!

How will we do this?

Culturally and linguistically competent teachers will provide dynamic and inquiry-based learning opportunities in math, science, language arts, Spanish, history, and culture. Classes will be interactive and student-centered focusing on empowering students to oversee their own learning: what and where are the resources, how to access them, and how best to articulate what one knows and needs to learn?

An assessment will be done in each area to determine students’ strengths and areas in need of improvement. Classes in Spanish, history, and culture will focus on blended learning and shared skills. Each student will receive an electronic copy of the New York Times every day for use in a variety of class activities.

The Summertime FUNdamentals Camp will provide academically sound students opportunities to take on more challenging assignments in math and science, to advance skills in reading, listening, critical thinking, as well as history, and cultural topics. Classes will take place in a fun and nurturing environment, with culturally and linguistically competent teachers.

Struggling students will have curriculum and activities designed to shore up a wide range of skill sets in STEM, English language arts, culture and history. This will provide them an opportunity for more successful academic achievement in the coming year.

All students will be exposed to a well-rounded mathematics experience which will include hands –on manipulation, human calculator drills, and other opportunities to re-mediate and/or challenge students with various mathematics concepts.

The objective for science will be to impart knowledge of science, the life processes and the diversity of life, as well as basic knowledge of the physical properties and chemistry matter within the scientific world around us. These skills will be developed and will be enhanced in the classroom, through homework, reading, and interesting labs that are relatable to realistic everyday life materials and situations.

Spanish conversation time will provide students with vocabulary and sentences so that beginning with the first class, they will be speaking Spanish with their classmates. Learners who have already had exposure to Spanish will find this a helpful way to make use of the grammatical concepts and vocabulary they’ve learned in a very practical way…through conversation on a variety of topics.

History and culture classes will offer all students an opportunity to become more familiar with the many cultures of the world, the languages, and the customs of the people around the world. In addition we will have activities and lessons designed to promote student awareness and appreciation of their own cultures.

Academically sound students will be offered opportunities to take on more challenging assignments to advance skills in reading, listening, critical thinking, math and science, as well as the Spanish, history, and cultural topics.


Students will improve in the areas of STEM, English language arts, history, civics, and culture.  An assessment will be done at the end of the 6 weeks to document efficacy and improvement.


A series of presentations will take place towards the end of the course for students to highlight their learning in math, science, history, culture, and Spanish. The presentations will also provide an opportunity for the students to showcase their improved English language skills.

Students going to grades 9th - 12th

$125 per week which will include lunch. 


$100 per week for each additional child from the same household.

($25 non-refundable registration fee)
Contact Information
Dr. Monica Hayes, Coordinator

Additional Information

Summer Programs Donations

If you would like to make a donation to fund a wonderful summer experience for a very deserving participant, click here to be directed to the FAMU Foundation’s website.

Please indicate the amount of your contribution and make sure that the donation is directed to Continuing Education- Account 0589. Also, indicate in the comment box at the bottom of the form the student you want to receive your donation if you are donating to a specific student.

Once your transaction is completed, please contact Mr. Eric Williams in the Office of Continuing Education at 850-599-3474 or email: to let him know how your donation should be applied. An electronic receipt will be sent directly to your email address which can be used for your tax reporting purposes.



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