What is this year’s Conference About?

The theme for STC 2017 is Technology with a Purpose.

Few organizations are more purpose-driven than higher education. This year we focus on “Technology with a Purpose”. Technological innovations advance learning, research, operations, personal growth and basic living. Purpose-driven technology -- solutions engineered for specific needs -- is where the action is. Join us as we look at popular and practical purpose-driven technology: Wearable technology empowers individuals with tools for healthier living, time and labor saving devices and, hopefully, improved quality of life. Mobile technology allows our students to engage learning in the same way they engage their friends. New advances in text-to-speech, web-code, and audio systems usher in a whole new world for our differently-abled students; providing them the same tools for immersive learning that empower all students to develop great understanding and comprehension of complex topics. As our technology innovations continue to evolve, so too must the technology that protects and secures our environments within the increasingly interconnected digital world. Join us this year at STC as we explore “Technology with a Purpose” through four lenses: Mobile Technology, Wearable Technology, Accessibility, and Security.

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