Surgery 3 Live Implant Patient: Case Planning & Implant Placement

Comprehensive Training Program In Implant Dentistry: Surgery, Restorative, Implants and
Grafting Session 3


The third surgical course in the LVI Implant Continuum provides the doctor an
opportunity to perform any surgical procedure that has been covered in one of the
previous courses that he/she attended. Each class participant is required to bring a
live patient to this course. All diagnostic and surgical protocols covered in the previous
restorative or surgical courses will be followed. Patient approval is required 30 days
prior to the scheduled course.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive treatment plan for your patients.
  • Perform simple and complex implant and grafting procedures.
  • Understand preoperative and postoperative protocols
  • Reduce the risk of surgical complication
  • Manage surgical complications when they arise.

  • Where

  • LVI Global
    9501 Hillwood Drive
    Las Vegas, Nevada 89134
    888-584-3237 or 702-341-7978