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Thursday, October 18

 RoomAmphitheater I Amphitheater IIHarvest Room Roosevelt Room Lincoln Room Jefferson Room 


 Supporting Teachers Book Talks Early Learning Teaching, Learning 
& Assessment
 Learner Resiliency/Whole Child Education Customized/Personal Learning
10:45 AM
 Off to a Great Start! 
South Dakota’s 
Mentoring Program
Matt Gill, Cathy 
 Moving the Rock
Grant Lichtman
 Head Start:  A 
High-Quality Program
Kathy Cruse
 Impacting Achievement Tomorrow!
Pat Bruinsma, Pat Hubert
 Bring Cultural Awareness to Your Classroom with the Oceti Sakowin
Essential Understandings
Rich Mittelstedt, Sharla Steever, Scott Simpson
 Rethinking Readiness 
in the 21st Century
Scott DesLauriers
 11:00 AM

12:00 PM
 Leading Together
Sharla Steever, Scott Simpson
 The Grade Cleanse: 
a Roadmap to 
Healthy Grading
Sherri Nelson
 Preschool Levels
 of Excellence
Rob Monson, Kevin Nelson
 Changes are 
Coming - Universal 
Assessment 101!
Pat Bruinsma, Brandi Gerry
 Walking in 
Their Footsteps: Understanding the Impact of Poverty on
Students and Families
Rich Mittelstedt, Fran Linn
 We Started with 
the “Why!” Moving 
from Vision to 
Reality with MCL
Jessica Enderson

2:00 PM
Listenting Session
Jennifer Kampmann
 The Kickstart Guide 
To Making Great 
Julie Erickson
 South Dakota Early 
Learning Guidelines
Carmen Stewart
 One Rubric to Rule 
Them All: Personalizing 
Instruction and 
Assessment with 
Standard-Aligned Rubrics
Adam Rudebusch
 Increasing Student Engagement through Culturally Responsive Teaching
Betsy Deal
 Debunking the Myths of Personalized Learning
Travis Lape

3:15 PM
 National Board Certified Teacher Cohort and Jump Start Training: a
System of Support 
and Success!
Rich Mittelstedt, Jodi 
Neugebauer, Kelly Royer
 Brain Research Meets 
Education - Practice 
in Action
Sally Crowser, Sherri Becker
 Active Learning, Coding and Computational 
Thinking in the Early
Childhood Classroom
Kimberly Clark
 Creating Standards-Based Assessments to Drive Student Growth
Janeen Outka, Alan Neville
 Title Coming Soon
Tamera Miyasato
 Beyond the Textbook: Leveraging the True 
Power of South 
Dakota Educators
Julie Erickson, Dan Henry

4:30 PM
 Planning Professional Learning for Multiple 
Adult Learning Needs
Ryan Young
 Why Students 
Don’t Like School
Sally Crowser
 Technology Tools 
that Promote 
Human Interaction
Lindsay Frankenfeld
 Creating a Family to 
Foster Personalized Learning
Maria Pettinger, Carla Diede

Friday, October 19

 Amphitheater IIHarvest Room  Roosevelt Room
Jefferson Room 

 10:00 AM
12:00 PM

Paper Tigers Movie Screening
Tamera Miyasato, 
Jeanne Burckhard-McKenna

 Meet Edison Robot! Explore our Fleet of CS Tools and Resources to Support Your STEAM Initiatives
Kimberly Clark

Are Your Evaluations and SLOs a Meaningful Process that are Focused on Growth?
Matt Gill & Panelists

 Learner Agency in Action:
What do the Students do?
What does the teacher do?
Sarah Brown Wessling

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