Wednesday, October 17
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM (lunch included)

Leading From Where You Are by Grant Lichtman

Organizations that successfully innovate in times of rapid change distribute authentic leadership opportunities and expectations across the organization. In schools, this means that teachers and administrators, regardless of title, all can be leaders of innovation.

In this highly interactive, hands-on workshop, Grant will share key elements of how educators can “lead from where you are” with ideas and pilot projects that will bring increasing value to the entire school organization. Attendees will explore and apply a toolkit of options to create more student-centered learning experiences, overcome risk aversion, attract an effective team, connect with other colleagues beyond their classroom or school who share your interests, and build on pilots of what is working well. We will use a backward-design logic model to frame changes attendees would like to see in their classrooms, schools, or practice. Attendees will sketch and share prototypes of actionable steps they can take immediately that will help transform the learning experience for their students.

The workshop will include a brief overview and four sections, each being 75-90 minutes:

  1. School-organizational change; focusing on what you can control; shared obstacles and opportunities across schools serving different communities; community-based value proposition; modified Kotter model of organizational change.
  2. Leading with design; leading like an architect; using a clear logic model to first identify outcomes and then backward-design to tactics and resources; applying a large toolkit of options to find and prototype pilot projects by yourself or with your team;
  3. Designing for deeper learning; tactics for individuals and teams that will help shift schools toward a deeper learning experience for all students; selecting a path for tomorrow, next semester, next year.
  4. Leading from where you are: levers each of us can press, individually or together, that are proven ways to create change in schools; distributed leadership model; delivering a pilot; gathering feedback; iterating the pilot; sharing what is working and what is not.