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Key Dates:

  • Sponsors will identify their attendees in May when registration opens for all attendees
  • Opportunities to submit a presentation for our concurrent sessions will begin in April 1, 2018
  • Additional "key" dates will be added to the 2018 Conference home page as they are determined

Key Documents:

Sponsorships are available on a first come basis at the following levels:

Level  # of Slots Cost  Attendees Allowed

Diamond Level

5 $7,000 4

Platinum Level

38 $5,000 3
Gold Level
23 $3,250 2
Silver Level
7 $1,750 1

Keynote Speaker Sponsor

 1 $12,000 8

Opening Night Entertainment Sponsor

1 $8,500 5
 Open Night Dinner Sponsor
Lanyards/ Nametags
1 $5,000 3
Break Sponsors
3 $3,000 2

Fiesta Sponsors


Sponsorship benefits for each level are described, in detail, within the matrix referred to above.
Sponsor Attendees:

Attendance at the conference, for industry professionals, is limited to:

  1. Becoming a sponsor
  2. Being selected as a presenter at one of the education sessions.

Submissions to our Call for Presentations will be released in March, 2016 and we fully expect all sponsorship slots to be sold by that time.  If you intend to participate in the 2018 TCUF Conference we strongly urge you to become a sponsor at any level.  Attendance at the conference will adhere to the pre-paid attendee limits shown above.  The purchase of additional attendee slots will not be allowed.  It is our intention to have a 2:1 ratio of Texas higher education employees to industry professionals.  We believe this will give the best value to our sponsors.

You do not need to identify who your staff members for the attendee quota during the sponsorship registration.  We will open the registration process for attendees in June and at that time emails will go out to the sponsors to identify who they will be sending.  Notices will be emailed to the primary and alternate contacts for each sponsor as that time approaches.
Booth Location Selection:
During the registration process for the sponsorship you will be asked to select three choices for booth locations.  The floor plan referred to above indicates the booth locations and are categorized by sponsorship level.  This graphic is a snapshot in time.  We will try to keep the graphic up to date but the booth floor plan does not automatically update itself so a booth may show to be available when in fact it is not.  Thus the need for three choices for your booth location.  Booths are labeled by sponsorship level; "D" for Diamond, "P" for Platinum and "G" for Gold.  Booth selections inconsistent with the sponsorship purchased will not be considered.

Your booth location will be secured in the order you list your choices.  If it occurs that all three of your choices have been taken we will contact you directly, using the information provided in your registration, so that your booth location can be selected.  The TCUF Board will not be responsible for booth availability while waiting to contact the sponsor.  Please ensure that the information for the primary, as well as the alternate contacts, is current and will allow us the quickest opportunity to get in touch with you about your booth location should it be required.

Sponsorship payment:
Payment of the sponsorship fees by credit card is preferred and will provide the quickest confirmation of the sponsorship slot and booth location.  If paying by check is required, it should be made payable to "Texas College and University Facilities Professionals" and mailed to the address provided on the payment screen.

Sponsorships will not be considered finalized until full payment has been received.  This includes booth location.  If competing requests for booth location are received, the first full payment received will receive the location.

Don't Wait:
In the past, the sponsorship slots have filled very quickly (within two weeks for the last two conferences) so we encourage you to make your sponsorship decisions as quickly as possible.  Once the slots are filled they will close and not be reopened.
If you are a past sponsor we thank you for your support and hope you will consider sponsoring again.  If you are new to our conference we invite you to participate in this exciting opportunity to interact with higher education facilities professionals throughout the State of Texas.


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