See the "TCUF Board/Planning Committee Contacts" page for a list of TCUF volunteers that may be able to assist you with any questions beyond those listed below.

Questions & Answers

Question: What are the requirements to attend the conference?
Answer: There are no limits on staff members of higher education institutions (we even offer a "register 3 get the 4th free" option). Industry representatives must be either a staff member of a sponsoring company or a member of an accepted presentation proposal team.
Question: What method of payment is accepted for the sponsorships or individual registrations?
Answer: One can pay by either check or major credit card. Credit card payments are processed directly through the registration system. Payments by check will not be considered finalized until the check has been received, at the address provided, and processed. Checks should be made payable to "Texas College and University Facilities Professionals" and mailed to: John Strybos, Facilities Department, Alamo Colleges, 7990 Pat Booker Road, Live Oak, TX  78233
Question: I am having problems registering my sponsorship, presentation, architectural showcase or attendee registration. Who do I contact for help?
Answer: Make sure that you are providing all of the required information. If you are still having troubles, contact Doug Abraham at doug@visspiro.com or (210) 872-1540.
Question: Can companies register additional attendees beyond the amount included with their sponsorship level?
Answer: No - attendees beyond that included in each sponsorship level will not be allowed for this conference. If a company wants to increase their attendance at the conference they must move to a higher sponsorship level.
Question: My company is a sponsor of the Conference. How many attendees are we allowed?

The number of attendees allowed per sponsor is determined by  the sponsorship level (see the benefits matrix located on the "Sponsor Opportunities" page.  Limits are strictly enforced.  If a sponsor has a staff member that is part of an accepted presentation proposal team that person may register as a "Presenter (Non-Higher Ed) and pay the registration fee without counting against the sponsor attendee limit.

Question: When will I be able to choose my booth location?
Answer: Booth location preferences will be identified during the sponsorship registration process. If all three of your choices were taken when you registered, the primary contact will be contacted to select another choice. See the exhibit floor plan, located on the "Sponsorship Opportunities" page for booth locations.
Question: When will individual attendee registration for the conference start?
Answer: Individual registration will start at the end of February (early-bird) for higher education institution employees. Registration for sponsor and non-higher education presenters will begin in June. Emails will be sent to our contacts list informing each category of when to register.
Question: I would like to submit a project for the Architectural Showcase. I am not a sponsor to this conference. Can I do so? If yes, will this allow me to attend the conference?
Answer: Anyone can submit a project for the Architectural Showcase as long as it meets the submission requirements. As this is a free opportunity to showcase your projects, it is not a path to gain attendance to the conference. If you are not a higher education attendee and not a sponsor, you must leave the conference area at the end of the setup period or make arrangements with your higher ed sponsor to get the presentation setup.
Question: Will I need a car to get to any conference activities if I am staying at the Hyatt Regency Hotel?
Answer: No you do not. All conference activities will be located at the conference hotel (Grand Hyatt in downtown San Antonio) or transportation will be available for any off-site activities if offered.  The hotel has a shuttle from the San Antonio International Airport or there are multiple taxi, Uber, etc., options.
Question: I am interested in helping with the planning of the Conference. How can I participate?
Answer: The easiest way to participate is to agree to be a moderator when registering to attend the conference. Requests to be part of the Planning Committee are taken during or in the first couple of months after the previous conference. Therefore, if you want to participate on the Planning Committee for the next conference you need to let a Board Member know of your desire during this conference or shortly thereafter.
Question: Can we obtain a list of the attendees prior to the Conference?

Attendee lists are made available to our sponsors according to their sponsorship level as set forth in the benefits matrix located on the "Sponsorship Opportunities" page.  A full attendee list will be available at the conference using the conference app.

Question: I am listed as a presenter in a proposal but I am not registered for the conference. Must I pay a registration fee in order to present?
Answer: Yes - all presenters must be registered for the conference and pay all applicable fees.
Question: Is there a one-day conference registration fee for speakers?

No - all speakers must pay the full registration fee.