Technology is not Value Neutral: Engaging ‘Technological Solutionism’ in Paediatrics


  • Wednesday, November 7, 2018
    1:00 PM  -  1:15 PM
    1:15 PM  -  1:25 PM
    Welcome and Introductory Remarks
    1:25 PM  -  1:55 PM
    Values and Technology

    In this session on values and technology, we will discuss three ways in which technology can be value-laden:

    • Extrinsically: the value laden use of technology
    • Intrinsically: value laden technology
    • Socio-politically: technology as the preferred solution to socio-political problems

    We will explore the relationship between these three modes and examine the implications for health care in the 21st century. 

    1:55 PM  -  2:25 PM
    Because We Can, Should We? ‘Technological Determinism’ and the Intensivist
    2:25 PM  -  2:55 PM
    Panel Discussion : How Should We Engage with Patients and Families Regarding Technology?

    During this interactive presentation we will explore panelists’ experiences with engaging with health technology. We will discuss how technology impacts decision-making and impacts general attitudes towards healthcare.

    This panel will be moderated by Rebecca Greenberg, RN, PhD, Bioethicist.  Panelists include: Robin Hayeems, Scientist PhD, ScM; Roxanne Kirsch, MD, Staff Physician, Cardiac Critical Care Medicine, and a parent. 

    2:55 PM  -  3:25 PM
    Big Data in Health: Fostering Innovation While Respecting Patients' Rights
    Informed consent is becoming an impractical tool in health research, given the complexity and diversity of uses to which health data are being put. At the same time, overly permissive data sharing can lead to individuals being re-identified from anonymized data, and research outcomes that harm vulnerable communities. This talk will discuss ways to strike a balance between innovation and patients' rights.
    3:20 PM  -  3:40 PM
    3:40 PM  -  4:25 PM
    Panel Discussion: What is the Place and Time for Ethics in Hospital Based Technology?

    Following the speakers presentations, an interactive panel discussion will take place. 


    • Ethical Dimensions of Valuing Emerging Precision Medicine Technologies for ChildrenDr. Wendy Ungar
    • AI in Hospitals: Ethics and Impact on Clinical Care:  Dr. Peter Laussen
    4:25 PM  -  4:30 PM
    Summary & Conclusions