Already know you should attend the CTA Technology & Standards Forum but your manager needs a little convincing? Use this letter to help make your case.

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Subject line:

Attending CTA Technology & Standards Forum in San Francisco, CA

Hi [NAME],

I’d like to attend the CTA Technology & Standards Forum, which takes place at the The Marker Hotel San Francisco Monday, May 13, 2019-Thursday, May 16, 2019 in San Francisco, CA. It brings together consumer technology product planners, designers, executives and others to discuss where the industry is headed – and should be headed – with respect to important technologies like over-the-top video, augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and health & fitness tech.

About 200 industry executives are expected to attend. There will be educational sessions about robotics for the consumer technology market, as well as numerous collaborative meetings to discuss consumer technology industry strategy and standards on health/fitness/wellness tech, AR/VR, intelligent mobility, audio, video, accessories, cybersecurity and more.

To get a sense of what the Forum is all about, here’s a link to highlights from the fall event, which had a strong focus on over-the-top video, broadcast video, audio, AR/VR, and health, fitness & wellness tech  -

I’m most interested in meeting people whose organizations are facing challenges similar to ours – it’s a great opportunity to learn how they’re addressing some of our same issues. It’s also a great chance to learn where the Consumer Technology Association is heading as its various committees work to grow the consumer technology industry.

The subject matter at the Forum seems particularly relevant to several projects I’m working on now, particularly [PROJECT 1] and [PROJECT 2].

I estimate my attendance at this event will cost [$ HERE], which includes travel, accommodations, and other expenses.



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