Texas Parking & Transportation Association 2019 Conference and Tradeshow

Schedule of Events

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  • April 22, 2019
    12:00 PM  -  3:45 PM
    Ballroom Available for Vendor Set-Up  (Texas B-D)

    The Exhibit Hall will open at noon on Monday, April 22 for vendors to set-up their booths. We ask that vendors complete their set-up by Tuesday, April 23 at 3:45 pm for the Welcome, Opening Session, Reception and Vendor Opening.

    1:00 PM  -  4:30 PM
    Conference Registration  (2nd Floor Registration Desk)

    The Conference Registration Booth is located on the 2nd floor adjacent to the escalators. Stop by to pick up your conference packet.

    4:00 PM  -  8:00 PM
    TPTA Board Meeting  (Westchase Room)

    Board of Directors Meeting 4:00 pm

    TPTA Board & Host Committee Dinner 6:00

  • April 23, 2019
    9:00 AM  -  4:00 PM
    IPMI Workshop  (Kingwood)


    Fee  Optional 
    9:00 AM  -  1:00 PM
    Skeet Shootout  (American Shooting Centers)



    Join us on Tuesday, April 23rd for a real Texas style Skeet Shootout!

    Where: American Shooting Centers
    16500 Westheimer Pkwy, Houston, TX 77082
    (281) 556-8199

    When: Tuesday, April 23rd

    9:00 am: Participants arrive register and take the safety class.
    9:30 am: Event starts
    11:45 am: Event Ends 
    12:00 pm - 1:00 pm: Lunch and awards

    Cost: $125 for individual; $500 for a team of 4

    Optional: $65 for 2 seater golf cart; mulligans for $10 each

    Dress: Comfortable Clothing to help you enjoy your experience.

    What to bring:

    * Eye & Ear Protection is required and available for purchase in the Pro Shop.

    * Boots to keep your feet dry, it may be wet downrange while posting targets.

    * Please bring your firearm in it’s case to the range. You can un-case your firearm at the shooting benches. Limited rental of firearms is available at the Pro Shop. The venue will provide ammo.

    Fee  Optional  Closed 
    9:00 AM  -  2:00 PM
    University Campus Tour  (Offsite)

    Join us for a collegiate parking tour! Meet on the Crawford side of the Marriott at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, April 23. Half the tour group will board a shuttle to the University of Houston and the other half will board a separate shuttle to Rice University. After each tour is complete, the groups will swap campuses where they will end the tour with lunch and be back at the hotel in time for the Shop Talks!

    Thanks to Rice University and The University of Houston Auxiliary Services for sponsoring this event!


    Rice Logo  

    UH Auxiliary Services

     Optional  Closed 
    10:00 AM  -  5:00 PM
    Conference Registration  (2nd Floor Registration Desk)

    The Conference Registration Booth is located on the 2nd floor adjacent to the escalators. Stop by to pick up your conference packet.

    12:30 PM  -  2:00 PM
    Skeet & Tour Lunch  (Off site)

    Lunch for skeet and tour will be provided off-site. No lunch will be provided at the hotel.

    2:45 PM  -  3:45 PM
    Airport Shop Talk  (Meyerland B)

    Do you work at or provide goods and services to airport parking operations?  Parking is a perplexing challenge for airports - travelers running late get irritated or can't remember where they parked.  As a parking professional you can help your peers with best practices and programs or learn from others.


    2:45 PM  -  3:45 PM
    Municipal Shop Talk  (Texas A)

    Do you work at or provide goods and services to municipal parking operations?  Why reinvent the wheel? Bring your challenges, share your experiences and learn from your peers during this roundtable discussion.


    2:45 PM  -  3:45 PM
    University/Hospital Shop Talk  (Meyerland A)

    University/Hospital parking and transportation services have unique challenges.  Bring your ideas, challenges, and best practices to share with your peers. 


    4:00 PM  -  7:00 PM
    Welcome, Opening Session, Reception and Vendor Opening  (Texas B-D)

    The Texas Parking and Transportation Association extends a warm welcome to our vendors.  The Annual Conference and Tradeshow is made possible through the generous support of our sponsors and vendors.  Please take an opportunity to visit our vendors to learn about cutting-edge technologies and products.

    Refreshments and heavy Hors D'oeuvres will be served.

    4:15 - 4:45 pm:  Welcome and Opening Remarks

    4:45 - 7:00 pm:  Reception and Tradeshow  

  • April 24, 2019
    7:45 AM  -  8:45 AM
    Breakfast and Sponsor Recognition  (Texas A)
    8:00 AM  -  5:00 PM
    Conference Registration  (2nd Floor Registration Desk)

    The Conference Registration Booth is located on the 2nd floor adjacent to the escalators. Stop by to pick up your conference packet.


    9:00 AM  -  9:45 AM
    Session 1A: Adapt, Improvise and Overcome - a Baylor Parking Way  (Briargrove)
    In 2010 Baylor University's Parking and Transportation Services had a lot of "opportunities" for growth. The small department consisted of a total of 7 FT staff members and the university provided budget was extremely tight. In this environment the department embraced an attitude of "adapt, improvise and overcome" (the unofficial slogan among Marines). Baylor improved their operation in several key areas that are challenging to all parking operations: customer service, booting/towing, signage, and bicycle management. Their solutions were innovative and successful. This presentations details the approach taken by Baylor to find a solution to these campus issues. Using specific real world examples, Baylor acknowledges both the humor and frustration of departmental growth.

    9:00 AM  -  9:45 AM
    Session 1B: The New Face of PARCS  (Meyerland)
    Access and revenue control design has moved into the future, and the latest generation is more advanced and useful than ever before. PARCS has always been the face of parking technology because it’s the most visible and most often-used type of equipment when it comes to parking transactions. Today, however, it is more technologically advanced, user-friendly, and useful than ever before. Owners can add parking guidance, license plate recognition and automatic vehicle identification, and reservation or pre-booking technology to their PARCS tools to provide an extraordinarily simple and convenient parking experience. And the introduction of video technology to PARCS even permits owners to monetize their parking, raising additional revenue by selling advertising space on the equipment itself. In this presentation Dana Wade will provide an overview of recent advances to access and revenue control equipment and how these changes benefit patrons by making the parking experience more user friendly and benefit owners by making parking more manageable and profitable.
    9:45 AM  -  10:00 AM
    Break with Coffee Service  (Foyer)
    10:00 AM  -  10:45 AM
    Session 2A: Don't cite the visitor; UT Arlington's journey  (Briargrove)
    Don't cite the visitor; UT Arlington's journey to balance a robust LPR enforcement strategy with managing event and visitor parking needs

    One of the biggest fears from an institutional brand's perspective is when you invite a guest to campus and then write them a citation. To avoid this, UT Arlington would typically stop writing citations in these lots, effectively exempting hundreds or thousands of stalls from enforcement to protect a few visitors. This, as you can imagine, has a detrimental impact on the enforcement and compliance budget… not to mention the headaches it causes the field operations team. The solution for UTA was to enhance technology to better identify and understand visitor parking needs without adding significant workload to department staff. The result is a comprehensive visitor process that balances a robust LPR enforcement strategy with managing event and parking needs. Their success, as identified through clear and measurable metrics, will be shared.
    10:00 AM  -  10:45 AM
    Session 2B: Failure is Not An Option: A Case Study on Installing PARCS at Facilities of All Shapes  (Meyerland)
    Two of the most common objections to adopting new parking technology are the risk and complexity of change. How can you mitigate that risk and complexity to ensure a seamless and optimized PARCS install when failure isn’t an option? Using key deployments as examples, including the recent 44-day installation at the largest paid parking facility in the United States, Texas Medical Center, this 45-minute session will take the audience on a journey from the pre-planning to post-installation phases. You will learn five critical steps culled from the hands-on experience and insight learned by installing parking equipment across a broad spectrum of project types and sizes, and how you can directly apply those steps to your next parking job to ensure success.

    10:45 AM  -  12:45 PM
    Exhibit Hall Open  (Texas B-D)
    Please take an opportunity to visit the vendors who can provide valuable information and network with our members.
    12:45 PM  -  2:00 PM
    Awards Luncheon  (Texas A)

    A plated lunch will be served to event participants. 

    Keynote Speaker:
    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    Session 3A: Parking Meets the Mobility Race  (Meyerland)
    The goal of this session is to challenge the notion that mobility will outmode parking operations and detail means by which parking operators can optimize their business for the future. Attendees will gain a practical understanding of the industry’s progress blockers and insight on how they can and will be overcome. Several points will be discussed in detail: 1- Communicating LPA: Bridging the historical gap between parking operations and the consumer around parking location, price, and availability with improved communication and dynamic pricing. 2- Understanding utilization: Transforming parking operations with visibility into utilization patterns, the ability to serve up parking inventory onto multiple channels and data-driven decision-making. 3- Readapting structures: Re-envisioning parking assets as transit hubs and optimizing them to accommodate the future of transport.
    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    Session 3B: Business Strategy Planning: Are you out of Alignment?  (Briargrove)

    Business Strategy Planning: Are you out of Alignment? Strategizing yourself, your business and developing your industry professional projections.

    The overall process will include steps in producing definition, purpose and value of the organization and individual objectives. As we construct the statements, we will utilize personal business examples and how we devised strategies. This presentation will include the stages that were worked through while drafting our state association’s new mission, vision and values. While connecting the core values and strategic vision of all Board members to the overall strategy of the Association, we gained concurrence by involving a mediator to construct the sustainable vision, mission, and values. We will walk through the reasons why these statements should be updated periodically and how to measure and pursue these ideas. We will show examples of the importance of creating these goals and examples of companies that neglected to follow business strategies. This presentation will cover the importance of evaluating our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Each SWOT analysis has a specific purpose and we will show how to understand what each of these categories are and how we should approach them within a strategy. It is extremely important that every level of an organization is not only aware of the statements but agrees with the principles set forth.

    2:45 PM  -  3:00 PM
    Break: Coffee service with snacks  (Foyer)
    3:00 PM  -  3:45 PM
    Session 4A: Driving Smart Cities – Seven Critical Trends Impacting Parking, Transportation,  (Briargrove)
    Driving Smart Cities – Seven Critical Trends Impacting Parking, Transportation, and the Evolution of Mobility

    This new presentation, offered by IPI’s Parking Research committee, will discuss seven key trends and innovations in our industry that are fundamentally changing our business. Referencing information gained from the new Emerging Trends in Parking survey, and research conducted by the IPMI Parking Technology and Parking Research Committees, the presentation will explore bleeding-edge disruptive and innovative trends, including TNCs and the demand for the curb, the journey towards autonomous vehicles, and more.
    3:00 PM  -  3:45 PM
    Session 4B: Electric Scooter communication, policy creation & implementation at UT Austin  (Meyerland)
    This presentation will provide a brief description of how the University of Texas at Austin has navigated our adoptions of electric scooters on our campus. In April of 2018 the City of Austin and the UT campus that resides in the heart of the City was overwhelmed by the launch of two new electric scooter companies Bird and Lime scooters. Although this newly emerging transportation option was spreading like wildfire throughout the country, we had no formal communication with the company’s or knowledge of how to regulate the two-wheeled electric scooter. Over the course of several months we have observed and learned many lessons regarding electric scooters and how they are quickly becoming a main mode of transportation and not just an alternative.
    3:45 PM  -  6:00 PM
    Exhibit Hall Opens  (Texas B-D)
    Please take an opportunity to visit the vendors who can provide valuable information and network with our members.
    7:00 PM  -  11:00 PM
    Wednesday Evening Event  (4th Floor Foyer by Exhibit Hal)

     lazy river night

    Due to inclement weather the Wednesday Evening Event has been moved to the 4th Floor Foyer by the Exhibit Hall. 

    Fun, good food, good friends and team-building – these are the hallmarks of TPTA's Wednesday Night Event. Join us by the Texas Lazy River on The Terrace in the Marriott Marquis where we will host the closing event for our conference!

    You can dine on delicious food while enjoying the views from the Terrace overlooking Discovery Green park. The Terrace is not your average pool deck and that is perfect since TPTA is not your average parking organization! Check back for details as our Host Committee is putting together an awesome event.

  • April 25, 2019
    9:00 AM  -  10:00 AM
    Breakfast  (Texas A)

    Join us for a full breakfast!

    10:00 AM  -  10:45 AM
    Session 5A: How Parking Plays into Mobility at Large  (Briargrove)
    As much as 30% of urban traffic is caused by drivers looking for parking spots. As more cities across the country become “smart cities,” smart mobility solutions are needed to make this vision a reality for both customers and clients who operate parking. During this presentation, we’ll discuss how to make a user’s experience with mobility one that is interconnected, efficient, and frictionless, how to benefit client operations end-to-end, and how to employ mobility solutions that address the growing traffic problem for cities. Interactive Portion: How parking can be integrated with a broader ecosystem of mobility enablers, including tolling, charging, and car sharing technologies, to deliver end-to-end mobility to users. To showcase the universal applications of our solutions through different perspectives, we will open with an interactive real-world scenario/problem charrette, challenging participants to solve problems using mobility solutions. In addition, we’ll highlight success stories where clients have improved their parking solutions to deliver better experiences to their customers and improve efficiency in the cities in which they operate.
    10:00 AM  -  10:45 AM
    Session 5B: Enforcing through the storm: How Parking survives a natural disaster  (Meyerland)
    After going through Hurricane Harvey in 2017, our parking enforcement team experienced something few parking organizations ever will. The complete shutdown of a major city and the recovery effort that followed. Some lessons we learned are how to survive such a once in a lifetime event and how to make a parking organization bounce back to a new normal with the experience to weather the next one. I would like to present a panel of experts that are intertwined with the parking enforcement division and give their lessons learned on how to endure a storm and what efforts they had to take to bring services back to the ParkHouston team. I will enlist the aid of our Houston Police Department, Municipal courts department as well as the public works department. We plan on showing and giving a discussion on what was done and some of the items that can be used in any parking organization to weather any storm.
    10:45 AM  -  11:00 AM
    Break  (Foyer)
    11:00 AM  -  11:45 AM
    Session 6A: CURB MANAGEMENT  (Briargrove)
    CURB MANAGEMENT: Strategies and Tech to Define, Manage, and Enforce the Curb is the tenth in a series of presentations by IPMI's Technology Committee. This year’s presentation provides an overview of Curb Management and explores how various technologies will support curb management activities in four areas – Defining the Curb, Managing the Curb, Charging for Curb Access, and Enforcing the Curb. The presentation explores the various activities an operation will consider in each of the four areas and how current and future technologies will be applied to support an operation as they develop their plans to manage the curb.
    11:00 AM  -  11:45 AM
    Session 6B: Offering A Payment App Only Gets You To The Starting Line  (Meyerland)
    Offering A Payment App Only Gets You To The Starting Line-Strategies For Assuring Widespread Adoption You’ve seen the light and given your residents, workforce, and visitors an easier way to pay for parking. But if your new parking app isn’t the leading payment method, you’re leaving money on the table. Learn why it’s essential to promote adoption of mobile parking payment, and how cities like Seattle have created and implemented strategies to assure that parkers are using their mobile payment app, turning a good idea into a great financial return. This presentation will include an overview of the benefits (to both the city and to parkers) of offering mobile payment; a best practices overview of how to achieve widespread adoption; and a case study review of Seattle’s creative (and successful) program for increasing adoption.
    11:45 AM  -  1:15 PM
    Thursday Luncheon  (Texas A)
    1:15 PM  -  2:00 PM
    Session 7: A One-of-a-Kind Pay by Plate Integration in Galveston  (Briargrove)

    Attendees will learn: 

    • How an integrated plate-based parking solution can streamline parking enforcement parking logistics issues, preserve the natural beauty of a city’s geography, and create a simpler customer experience all at once
    • How license plate recognition (LPR) can enhance a city’s efficiency by allowing LPR-enabled vehicles to capture information from up to 3 plates per second
    • How LPR data integrates with hotlists in real time to help cities quickly investigate and resolve scofflaw situations and moving violations and increase ticket issuance accuracy
    2:00 PM  -  2:45 PM
    Session 8: Enforcement Consistency Leads to Department Efficiency  (Briargrove)
    When is a citation a citation? Reading through the rules and regulations may seem black and white, but rules sometimes turn grey for enforcement staff out in the field. Steps taken with UTSA enforcement staff have turned challenges to successes while focusing on customer service. Small changes at the enforcement level have had big dividends with efficiency in supporting departments.
    3:00 PM  -  3:45 PM
    Session 9: Parking Operations & Procurement – Best Practices & Lessons Learned  (Briargrove)
    A discussion that addresses parking operations, enforcement and technology. This presentation will introduce an approach that can be applied to any parking program and will allow you to apply best practices to your operation. This presentation will incorporate innovative strategies to achieve your optimal parking program focused on five functional areas: - Financial Analysis - Operations - Asset Management - Workforce Management - Maintenance Each of these function areas provide a critical foundation for the development, ongoing and future planning for a City’s parking program, whether setting parking rates or determining parking inventory supply. Learn to use these functional areas as the core for all of your enhancements and deliverables. An integral component of this foundation is to implement a decision support system that provides your Agency with a robust and reliable plan that allows for modularity and flexible solutions that can grow and expand with your Agency’s evolving needs. The presentation is focused on the lessons learned from the most recent parking procurements and industry technology and service solicitations. A review of the considerations that an Agency must evaluate in order to address their short term and long term parking planning to ensure an adaptive solution that will incorporate and integrated with the ongoing evolution of parking technology. We will also review procurement processes and discuss performance standards that should be considered when evaluating vendor solutions. This is a popular session that will highlight the tips that you need to consider when evaluating and consider new parking technology and outsourced services.
    Raffle Drawing  (Briargrove)


     Will you be one of the lucky winners? Must be present to win!


    Conference Concludes


    The TPTA Board of Directors would like to thank everyone who attended the 32nd Annual Conference & Tradeshow, held in Houston, Texas. We enjoyed meeting with you, hearing your presentations, and visiting with you at the various functions throughout the week; we hope that your time at the conference was stimulating and rewarding.

    We hope to see you at the 33rd annual Conference in 2020!  

    Safe travels!