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The Berry Street Childhood Institute is proud to present this half-day workshop to be delivered by Graham Music (PhD), Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist at the Tavistock and Portman Clinics in the U.K.

Young people who experience early life trauma and stress undergo a range of bodily and metabolic changes that affect the very speed of their life course. Caught in the ‘buzz trap’ they may experience speeded up metabolisms, distractedness, impulsiveness and decreased empathy. These ‘buzzy’ characteristics can be further exacerbated by factors in our contemporary society such as stress, increased reliance on screens and technology and a more consumerist, sexualised and individualistic lifestyle.

In this half day lecture, Graham Music will describe the ‘buzz trap’ and explore how you can help to steer young people who experience vulnerability towards a more healthy development and to become more connected, creative, compassionate and empathic citizens. Learn how the ‘buzz trap’ can be countered by positive experiences such as those provided in psychotherapy, secure attachment relationships, mindfulness and less-stressed social environments.