Therapy Outcome Measures

available at only £33.99 (incl postage and packing)

 TOMs book

The new third edition of the TOM for Speech and Language Therapists and for Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Nursing, is about to be released. To celebrate the launch we are making available at only £33.99. The book is intended to assist with the practical implementation of gathering outcome data on patient/clients receiving treatment. 

This updated and revised edition of Therapy Outcome Measures for Rehabilitation Professionals:

  • includes the scales for 47 conditions
  • assists with the practical implementation of gathering outcome data on patients/clients/students who are receiving intervention/care/treatment
  • greatly facilitates team working and communication
  • includes training materials

All 47 scales for the different conditions are provided as separate downloadable pdf files on the accompanying CD along with related material.

The Therapy Outcome Measure (TOM) allows therapists to describe the relative abilities and difficulties of a patient/client in the four domains of impairment, activity, participation and well-being in order to monitor changes over time. This approach has been rigorously tested for reliability and clinical validity. It is quick and simple to use, taking just a few minutes to complete and has been used for treatment planning, clinical management, audit and research. It allows for the aggregation of data so that comparisons can be made for the purposes of internal and external benchmarking. The book also includes training materials.

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