MS and Fatigue - Top Tip for Selfcare - from £6.99 including postage and packing


This handy pocket-sized guide for patients and health professionals is organised into the following sections:
  • Causes
  • Management
  • Keeping Fit
  • Sleep
  • Healthy eating
  • Emotional Health
  • Energy Efficiency
The 32-page booklet gives patients and health professionals access to the information they need at a glance; it explores what can cause fatigue in MS and provides strategies to help manage fatigue. Understanding fatigue and learning to manage it can help support quality of life. Please remember that not all strategies will work for everyone but hopefully there will be something for everyone in this booklet.

More information on all subjects covered in the booklet, along with helpful resources, are accessible from a supporting website.

Here you will be able to order the booklet in the following pack sizes:
A single booklet - £6.99 (incl p & p)
A pack of 5 booklets - £24.50 (incl p & p)
A pack of 10 booklets - £37.99 (incl p & p)
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