The Future of Exploration



IHS Markit is pleased to invite you to an exclusive Exploration Reception & Dinner on Sunday, the 4th of March, 2018.  This will be an invitation only small gathering of CEOs and Exploration heads from select North American and global E&P companies, and private equity.

The dinner will focus on The Future of Exploration.  The long held consensus that exploration was value creating and a good investment strategy has been fundamentally challenged by a myriad of recent developments, from low oil prices to changing risk assessments and tolerance of investors and their concerns over longer term demand for crude oil in light of the growing wave of policies aimed at climate and carbon, not to mention uncompetitive performance for many (but not all).   

At the same time the options for E&P risk capital have multiplied, including unconventional shales and tight conventional plays in North America, the potential of newly identified super basins, upstream sector openings, EOR, and international shale and tight conventional plays.  

In light of these developments this reception and dinner will invite discussion on the following:

  • Will the exploration business become an increasingly niche business pursued by companies with different strategic assumptions, and highly specialized capabilities in particular play types?
  • What are those strategic assumptions and how do they differ from an exploration strategy focused on offshore plays versus that focused on a search for shale or tight, lower quality conventional resource plays outside the US and Canada? 
  • What is the longevity of the onshore resource plays in the US and Canada and how ‘durable’ are they given potential shifts in investor preference?  
  • Do climate concerns and policies make longer term natural gas plays more attractive and de-value long term crude oil plays?  
  • What is the possibility that a more-focused exploration effort by fewer companies will generate superior exploration performance in contrast to the industry-wide effort prior to 2015?        

Participation is via invitation only.   Chatham House rules apply.  The Dinner & Reception is hosted by Jefferies.

Jefferies (002)

*Please note that events are by invitation only and restrictions may apply.


  • When

  • Sunday, March 4, 2018
    6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
    Central Time

  • Where

  • The Grove
    2nd Floor
    1611 Lamar St.
    Houston, Texas 77010

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