The Implementation Game

What is The Implementation Game©?

Implementation is a complex process with many moving parts. The Implementation Game© (TIG) is a card game that simplifies the process into 5 main components to provide an implementation planning experience for an identified scenario or implementation endeavor. The Implementation Game is relevant to any discipline because the concepts are high level. There is no winner; the goal is either to learn, or to plan, or both. Playing TIG will help you grab that tiger by the tail and win at implementation.

Quick Facts:

  • TIG is a learning and planning resource to support evidence-based implementation.
  • TIG was developed by Dr. Melanie Barwick, an implementation scientist at The Hospital for Sick Children and Professor at the University of Toronto.
  • TIG is informed by empirical evidence from the field of implementation science.
  • TIG is ‘played’ with a group of people; ideally, the group who will be developing and managing an implementation plan or a group who are learning together.
  • TIG materials include a set of cards, a board game, and a worksheet. All of the materials come together in a neoprene, zippered sleeve for safekeeping and transportability.
  • The game cards correspond to key elements of the implementation process: team, process, factors, strategies, and evaluation. 

You can download the accompanying TIG worksheet here:

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