The KT Game

Due to the COVID-19 situation, you may experience significant delays with shipping of the KT Game. For more information, please contact us using the button on the left hand side. 

What is The KT Game©?

When to Use It

The KT Game© can be used as a teaching or planning tool. Knowledge translation (KT) planning should be a collaborative process. It can be complex and iterative and The KT Game© is an engaging way to make it visual, tactile and fun!

How to Play It

Using The KT Game©, players choose a scenario and then identify potential knowledge users and stakeholder groups. Using 'Audience', 'KT goals' and 'KT strategy' cards, players create a knowledge translation plan. Implementation and evaluation are also considered. The game can be played in order to develop KT planning skills or it can be used with a project team to begin the KT planning process. 

What You'll Get

The KT Game© consists of 65 cards which include instructions, a planning guide, KT Scenarios, and cards for Knowledge User Audiences, KT goals and KT Strategies.

For planning purposes, The KT Game© can be used in conjunction with The KT Planning Template.

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