The New China Challenge

Morning Keynote: "Understanding China's Rise"

Mr. Rudd will discuss the future of the US-China relationship under Presidents Trump and Xi, and the key security challenges facing the region. 

Morning Panel: "Are the U.S. and China Destined for War?"

Many contend that a war between the United States and China is highly likely. Panelists will share their opinions on this troubling contention. They will also discuss how the United States and China could change their strategies and soft-power tactics to avoid a conflict. Finally, if war were to occur, the panel will examine if the U.S. military, specifically its naval forces, is ready, what a war would look like, and whether it is winnable. 

Luncheon Keynote: "Thinking the Unthinkable"

THINKING THE UNTHINKABLE: How fiction and other narratives can teach us about future conflict with China

With great power conflict returning as a strategic focus for the Defense Department, one of the greatest potential failures that the US and allies must be on guard for is failure of imagination. Yet this is a moment of rediscovered appreciation for real-world insights from short stories, novels, film, and even video games that can be seen as “FICINT,” or fiction-derived intelligence. Narratives help us understand how tactical artificial intelligence, swarm robotics, cognitive camouflage, and mass-scale bio-enhancements, among other breakthroughs, are revolutionizing the technological and human dimensions of modern warfare. August Cole, co-author of GHOST FLEET: A NOVEL OF THE NEXT WORLD WAR, and writer of AUTOMATED VALOR, a military science-fiction story published in the May issue of Proceedings, will discuss this approach as it can be used to understand what a future conflict with China might look like.

Afternoon Panel: "U.S. vs. China: The Great Power Competition"

The panel moves beyond the problem of potential conflict and considers the complex and competitive dynamics in the U.S.-China relationship in the political, strategic, and economic domains.

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