The Oxygen Advantage

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This three day workshop begins with an introduction to the comorbidity affects arising from dysfunctional breathing. Theoretical aspects of dysfunctional breathing with resultant physiological changes, including the affects to oxygen dissociation curve, nasal nitric oxide and Bohr effect will be explored.

Step by step instruction is provided for participants to apply the breathing exercises first hand, and experience bodily reactions including nasal dilation, and increased feeling of warmth due to vasodilatation. Experiential knowledge provides a greater understanding of the negative effects associated with oral breathing and chronic hyperventilation.

As there are variances to the severity of dysfunctional breathing, different approaches will be outlined to ensure that therapeutic intervention can be offered across all ranges.

The objectives of this course are for the participant to be able to:

Recognize dysfunctional breathing and measure relative breathing volume in their client population.

Experience firsthand the physiological effects of addressing dysfunctional breathing.

Utilize breathing exercises to decongest the nose, address dysfunctional breathing across a number of conditions.

Utilize strategies to stop oral breathing.

Discuss contraindications and nuances.

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