The Physiologic Approach to Treating OSA - Level I

The Physiologic Approach to Treating OSA

  •        The LVI Triage of your patients (flowchart) – TMD, OSA, Complex
  •        Recognizing signs and symptoms
  •        Therapy decision depending on if the patient comes to you first or the physician first.
  •        How you own the patient and although you get MD involvement, you don’t give up the patient and lose them in the process.
  •        Understanding the anatomy and physiology of airway and its relationship to OSA
  •        How NM Dentistry can support the physiology in OSA.
  •        Current research supporting a physiologic approach to treating OSA
  •        Why tensing before taking the bite is so important.
  •        Why starting from an NM position is so important
  •        Why using the LVI appliance is so important
  •        How to wean a patient off the CPAP
  •        How to incorporate OSA into an NM practice
  •        How both are related and sometimes treating NM will solve OSA and how sometimes treating OSA may resolve TMD issues
  •        Combination Therapy - Jointly treating both TMD and OSA at the same time.
  •        Co-therapy for the severe sleep apnea patient
  •        When is surgery necessary?
  •        Transition Therapy from fixed to restorative.
  •        Side Effect Management – pre tx and during tx
  •        Analyzing PSG and ambulatory home sleep studies
  •        Managing the NM restored patient with OSA
  •        OSA - making it more practical, efficient and profitable.
  •        Creating a marketing plan for an OSA practice
  •        Communicating OSA to patients.
  •        Communicating with sleep specialists
  •        Plus so much more
  •        It will be practical, simplified and concise… not a 6 day course that could have been done in 3.

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