The Science of Deep Learning

About Travel

You should book your travel through our Travel Agency who will send an itinerary for your approval before issuing the ticket and charging it directly to NAS, eliminating the need for reimbursement.


If you are combining this trip with other business or personal travel, please contact or to make arrangements for a constructive reimbursement to be calculated.  In any case, we will need a copy of your itinerary/e-ticket with $ cost shown.


Your hotel stay should be booked during the registration process, in our room block.  NAS will pay up to 3 nights.  If you need to extend your stay for other business or personal reasons, please contact .  We will ask if the hotel can offer the federal per diem rate to you and you will be charged for the additional nights.


For other out-of-pocket travel expenses (taxis, parking, mileage, meals enroute) please keep your receipts.  You will be asked after the colloquium to complete an email claims reimbursement form.

About your talk

The colloquium is staffed with professional AV technicians and provides a large screen, projector, lavaliere or podium microphone and a laser pointer / slide advancer.


We prefer that you load your presentations on a usb drive (which will be provided).  Staff will load and test your file during the lunch or break which precedes your session. 


If you have video files, it is sometimes best to use your own laptop.  Using our laptop speeds up the transition between speakers.


We will be video recording the talks and asking you to sign a consent form to make the video public on the Sackler YouTube Channel.   We will work with you on any concerns about unpublished data and embargo dates.