The Science of Science Communication III: Inspiring Novel Collaborations and Building Capacity


  • Wednesday, November 15, 2017
    7:00 PM  -  8:30 PM
    Speaker Welcome Dinner  (By Invitation Only)
    An opportunity to meet your fellow speakers and panelists before the colloquium begins. No formal program.
  • Thursday, November 16, 2017
    8:30 AM  -  10:40 AM
    Thur Nov 16 am Session 1

    Thursday Moderator: Frank Sesno

    8:30-8:45          Welcome Remarks, Marcia McNutt, President, National Academy of Sciences

    8:45-9:30          Future Directions in the Sciences of Science Communication: A Discussion of the NASEM Report Communicating Science Effectively: A Research Agenda

    Speaker: Alan Leshner 
    Discussant: Baruch Fischhoff        

    9:30-10:10        A View from Philanthropy on the Future of Science Communication

    Session Moderator: Elizabeth Christopherson
    Discussion with John Burris and Marc Kastner

    10:10-10:40       Break

    10:40 AM  -  12:30 PM
    Thur Nov 16 am Session 2

    10:40-12:00      Creating a Collaborative Community for the Sciences of Science Communication

    Speakers: Gerald Davis and Laurie Weingart
    Discussants: David Guston and Kathleen Tierney

    12:00 PM  -  1:15 PM
    Thur Nov 16 Lunch

    Boxed lunch includes salad, drink and dessert.

    Vegetarian, Gluten Free and Kosher meals can be requested on the registration form.

    1:15 PM  -  3:15 PM
    Thur Nov 16 pm Session 3

    1:15-2:45 Marshaling the Troops: How Can Traditional Disciplines Help Build the Scale of Research in Science Communication?

    Session Moderator: Ken Prewitt

    Communicating with the Public About Energy
    Wandi Bruine de Bruin
    Granger Morgan

    Communicating with the Public About Research on Immigration
    Shanto Iyengar
    Doug Massey

    Communicating with the Public About Infectious Disease
    Bob Hornik
    Susan Scrimshaw

    1:45-3:15     Break

    3:15 PM  -  5:00 PM
    Thur Nov 16 pm Session 4

    3:15-3:55 Bold Research Collaboration #1
    Building Capacity for Science Communication Partnership Award 1: Evidence-based Science Communication to Policymakers

    Speakers:   Elizabeth Suhay (American University), Emily Cloyd (AAAS), and Erin Nash (Durham University)
    Discussants: Jim Cohen, Fay Cook, and David Herring   

    3:55–4:55 Science in the News: Human Genome Editing

    Journalist: Cornelia Dean
    Content Expert: Matthew Porteus 
    Science Communication Researcher: Dietram Scheufele  

    4:55-5:00  Wrap-Up/Lessons Learned
    Baruch Fischhoff


    5:00 PM  -  7:30 PM
    Thur Nov 16 pm Keynote

    5:00-6:15  Reception

    6:15-7:30 Keynote Talk  

    Introduction: Alan Leshner   

    Speaker: Atul Gawande

  • Friday, November 17, 2017
    7:15 AM  -  8:30 AM
    Collaboration Breakfast  (Invitation Only)
    7:15-8:30 Invitation Only Collaboration Breakfast for Leaders of Philanthropic Organizations
    8:40 AM  -  10:45 AM
    Fri Nov 17 am Session 5

    Moderator: Ashley Llorens

    8:40-8:45 Welcome Alan Leshner

    8:45-9:20 Rethinking Evaluation: Using Networks, Big Data, and Social Media to Measure Dissemination and Impact   

    Session Moderator: Arthur Lupia   

    James Fowler

    9:20-10:20 Science in the News: Artificial Intelligence and Driverless Cars
           Journalist: Jack Stewart
           Content Expert: Illah Nourbakhsh
           Science and Technology Communication Researcher: Peter Hancock

    10:20-10:45     Break

    10:45 AM  -  12:00 PM
    Fri Nov 17 am Session 6

    10:45-12:00 Incentives for Scientists and Engineers to Communicate About Their Research:   Roundtable Discussion  

    Session Moderator: Andrew Hoffman

    Discussion with May Berenbaum, KerryAnn O’Meara, Neil Donahue, Ahna Skop, and Emmanuel Taylor

    12:00 PM  -  1:00 PM
    Fri Nov 17 Lunch
    Boxed lunches include salad, drink and dessert.  Vegetarian, Gluten Free, and Kosher meals are available by advance request on the registration form.
    1:00 PM  -  3:35 PM
    Fri Nov 17 pm Session 7

    1:00-1:40 Bold Research Collaboration #2
    Building Capacity for Science Communication Partnership Award 2: Evaluating New Approaches to Promoting Vaccination

    Speakers: Brendan Nyhan (Dartmouth University) and Christine Finley (Vermont Department of Health)

    Discussants:   Suzanne Ffolkes,  Paul Hanle, Greg Boustead and Doron Weber

    1:40-3:05 Focus on a Communication Challenge: Threats to Science’s Reputation

    Session Moderator: Kathleen Hall Jamieson   

    How Do We Define the Problem?  Marcia McNutt     

    What Is the Extent of the Problem?  Kevin Finneran   

    What Is at Stake? What Are the Implications?  Susan Fiske

    3:05-3:35     Break

    3:35 PM  -  5:45 PM
    Fri Nov 17 pm Session 8

    3:35-4:10  The Role of Scientists and the Media in Communicating Uncertainty

    Session Moderator: Laura Helmuth   

    Charles Manski

    4:10-5:10  Science in the News: Gene Drive  
           Journalist: Pam Belluck  
           Content Expert: Fred Gould   
           Science Communication Researcher: Dominque Brossard  

    5:10-5:15  Concluding Remarks
           Dietram Scheufele