Train Your Employees Option 2 Subscription


Because we have walked in your shoes...
We know how frustrating it can be to obtain reasonable quality training for long term care facilities. We are offering a one year subscription to the tools needed to train all of your employees.

The 'Train Your Employees Video Series' was created for the healthcare professional responsible for training employees in caring for older adults. This video series consists of video webcasts recorded by experts in the field of aging.

Register for the entire catalog today and within one business day, you will receive an email with the LINK for the catalog of webcasts. The LINK will be active for one year from the date you receive your link. You will need speakers to hear the presentation. Re-play the webcasts, or connect your laptop or computer to a projector to present to your group of employees.

Register for Option 2:  Improving Quality of Life for Seniors (10 hrs.)

Videos included are:

Resident Care
The Art, Science and Spirit of Caring
How to BE with Someone Who is Dying
Quality of Life Issues for Older Adults
Preventing Suicide in Senior Communities
The Physiology of Aging: Beyond Graying Hair

LTC Teams: Four Generations in the Workplace

Dementia and Depression
A Discussion on Various Forms of Dementia
I don’t have Dementia – But It Is Driving Me Crazy
SLUMS Examination & The Geriatric Depression Scale
Understanding Wandering and Preventing Elopement

Low Vision
Vision Loss Series 
(consists of 5 videos)


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