Unleash Your Inner Super Power with Lean Six Sigma

Learning Objectives

Yellow Belts are typically individuals who are part of an improvement team and review process improvements that support the project. The LSS Yellow Belt course provides LSS principles, practices, and terms and definitions.

Upon completion of the Yellow Belt, participants will be able to:

»»Translate the selection, application and implementation of a Six Sigma project, including the roles and responsibilities of all team members, to their own work area

»»Collect appropriate data from processes to support problem solving

»»Create detailed flowcharts and process maps in order to relay the most accurate information to the organization’s Green Belts and/or Black Belts

»»Demonstrate ability to control and monitor processes after course completion

»»Master tools/techniques required to assist Green Belts and/or Black Belts in successful deployment of Six Sigma projects

Green Belts are typically process managers/leaders who manage a couple of projects each year in their function-specific area of the organization while maintaining their regular work duties. The LSS Green Belt course artfully blends the tools of Lean with the rigorous DMAIC  problem-solving methodology and statistical tool set of Six Sigma.

Upon completion of the Green Belt, participants will be able to:

»Identify organizational factors that are necessary groundwork for a successful Lean Six Sigma effort

»Apply the 5-step DMAIC model as a framework to organize process improvement activity

»Relate Lean Six Sigma concepts to overall business mission and objectives

»Employ a wide range of process improvement techniques within the DMAIC model

»Apply the DMAIC process to a capstone project

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