Using eSHARE Canned Reports


This 3 1/2-hour training is designed to support service providers who are interested in learning how to manipulate eSHARE Canned reports in Microsoft Excel to summarize programmatic data. Participants are encouraged to complete an eSHARE End-User training before registering for this training in order to have a basic familiarity with the Canned Reports in eSHARE and should possess a basic understanding of Microsoft Excel.


In this training, participants will learn to run, download and format eSHARE Canned reports. Then, participants will learn to sort, filter, and use pivot table tools to summarize the data from sample eSHARE Canned Reports. Lastly, participants will learn to use the Excel function VLOOKUP and will demonstrate how this function can be useful and timesaving in linking data from one list to another.  

This training is offered every month. The training schedule for the first half of 2016 is now available. Please click yes on the invitation, or click register at the bottom of the agenda page in order to select one (1) training session date to attend. Please be sure to cancel registration in the event you cannot attend in order to allow other participants the opportunity to register. 



  • Where

    42-09 28th Street
    Long Island City, New York 11101