VFHY Regional Trainings 2019

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  • Southwest Virginia

    Tuesday, September 17, 2019

    9:00 AM  -  4:00 PM
    What's Your Conflict Management Style
    Mountain Empire Older Citizens, Inc, 1501 3rd Ave E, Big Stone Gap 24219

    1. Are you a shark, a turtle, a fox, an owl or a teddy bear? Participants in this workshop will complete a self- assessment to find out which style they generally choose to use, the long term effects of each style and when each is likely to be the most effective way to handle conflict. Conflict management skills, the importance of understanding and controlling anger, the Conflict Iceberg and how to assess the level of conflict in a workplace will also be discussed and addressed through the use of group activities and personal assessments.

      Key Learning Objectives:

      • Participants will identify their preferred conflict management style, obtain a basic

        understanding of all styles, and understand when each should be used.

      • Participants will determine their current attitudes toward conflict and anger, understand why

        anger is destructive, and learn skills to control anger.

      • Participants will be introduced to the concept of the Conflict Iceberg, learn how to assess

        the level of conflict in a work- place, and determine the appropriate intervention strategy.