VFHY Regional Trainings 2020


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Donna Minnix-Proctor
Donna Minnix Proctor is currently the Executive Director of Grace Network, a crisis intervention center in Martinsville. She also served for 7 years as the Executive Director of the Bedford Community Health Foundation, a health legacy foundation with the mission of helping to make the Bedford one of the healthiest communities in Virginia, since January of 2006. Prior to that appointment, she worked for Virginia Tech, as an Extension Agent, and for the Virginia Depart- ment of Health, as a Community Health Educator. Donna obtained her BS and MS degrees from VA Tech and has extensive training in teambuilding, conflict management, and strategic planning. Donna lives in Franklin County on her family farm, Briarwood, with her husband of 37 years, four horses, and two fuzzy black cats. In her spare time she enjoys writing plays and romance novels, acting in amateur theater, and riding her purple Harley Davidson motorcycle.
Daisy Ortega
Health Resources in Action (HRiA) is a unique organization that provides consulting services and develops programs for a wide range of private and public sector clients. Through training, technical assistance, coaching, and mentoring, HRiA works with youth and adult leaders, community coalitions, state and local institutions, and nonprofit organizations to build and sustain healthy communities.
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Jim Martin
Jim Martin, a Virginia native, is the Director of Policy and Programs with the NC Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch (TPCB), Division of Public Health, NC Department of Health and Human Services. Jim’s has over 25 years of experience in tobacco use prevention and control at the state and local level. His current major responsibilities include providing statewide leadership and expertise on tobacco use prevention and control policy and programmatic solutions.
Prior to his current position, Jim served as Field Director for Policy and Programs with Project ASSIST, now known as the Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch, served as a staff member with the National Cancer Institute’s COMMIT Project in Raleigh, NC--a comprehensive community-based research trial to reduce and prevent tobacco use, and also served on multiple national committees including the ASSIST National Strategic Planning Subcommittee and the Association of State and Territorial Health Officers (ASTHO) Tobacco Control Network.
Jim has published several articles on tobacco use prevention and control and he has conducted numerous local, state, and national level presentations on policies and programs to prevent and reduce tobacco use. Jim received his Master’s (1986) and Bachelor's degrees (1984) in Community Health Education from Virginia Tech. He also worked as a Director of Worksite Health Promotion with the Virginia Department of Health, Mount Rogers Health District from 1986 - 1989, before relocating to North Carolina
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Donna Gassie
Donna Gassie currently serves as Director of Programs at the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY). Donna oversees 3+ million in annual grant funding for tobacco use prevention and obesity prevention programming for youth in Virginia. With 30 years of experience working in the non-profit field, Donna has extensive experience with services and program development, evaluation, grants administration, outreach and training.
Donna has provided grants consulting both nationally and overseas, working with nonprofits, governments and universities. She has served on a number of nonprofit boards, including as Vice President of the National Grants Management Association.
Donna received her Bachelor of Social Work and her Masters of Public Administration from Virginia Commonwealth University.
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Linda Hancock
Dr. Linda Hancock, FNP, PhD, is a health professional who has spent decades working with young people on challenging wellness issues. She calls these topics “all the S’s” – Smoking, Sex, Substances, Stress, Social Norms and Spirituality. Linda’s specialty is making science user-friendly and fun. She has most recently been researching electronic delivery devises such as JUUL.
Linda strives to provide enjoyable yet meaningful education and donate part any fee generated to worthy causes such as The Healing Place in Richmond and Collegiate Recovery programs.
Steve Hixon
Steve Hixon works full-time as a Prevention Coordinator with Henrico CSB. He also works as a program consultant throughout the state and nationally. He has an undergraduate degree in Social Work and a Masters degree in Business Administration. He has over 25 years of experience working with youth and families in rural, urban and suburban areas. His experience ranges from developing, managing and evaluating youth programs to working with parents of youth of all ages, and providing training to those who work with youth. He has developed and implemented 3 nationally recognized youth prevention programs and he provides various training and consultation on youth- related issues throughout the state and nationally. He served on both the United Way’s Family, Youth and Children Action Council and Virginia Union University’s Social Work Advisory Board for 20 years. He is currently an advisory board member of J. Sergeant Reynolds Community College Human Services program. He is a state-certified Cultural Competency trainer, national Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) trainer, and a national Substance Abuse Prevention Skills trainer (SAPST). He is very committed to working with youth and those who impact their lives.
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Angie Hasemann
Angie Hasemann is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Pediatrics who has spent seven years teaching kids to cheer for fruits and vegetables and eat them too. She has worked with children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers, at UVAs Children's Fitness Clinic and is well-known for translating the complicated science of nutrition into easy-to-use and understandable information. Her creative teaching techniques have earned her the affection of patients and the respect of her peers, including being named the Clinician of the Year for Morrison Management Specialists. Her work in the community and in leadership organizations led her to being named the Recognized Young Dietitian of the Year in Virginia, and she has served Virginia Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as President. Angie has spent her career working on the front lines of pediatric obesity treatment nurturing her passion to help families deal with the most severe cases of obesity and co-morbidities. Sheís provided training for community members; medical, nursing, exercise physiology, and dietetics students; and physicians throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. She holds three Bachelorís Degrees from Kansas State University in Nutrition, Exercise Science, and Dietetics, and she earned her Masters of Science Degree in Health Communication from Boston University.
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Charlie McLaughlin, Jr.
Charlie McLaughlin, Jr., is a Training and Resource Manager with the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth (VFHY) in Richmond Virginia. He has over 30 years of experience in the field of Education & Training spending over 18 years of his 23 year US Air Force career managing Education & Training programs. Since his retirement from the Air Force in 2000, he continued his public service in the field of education working nearly 2 years at the Virginia Department of Health as a Statewide Software trainer and over 17 years in his current position with VFHY as a Training and Resource Manager. Charlie is a national trainer for the Iowa State University’s Strengthening Families 10-14 Program and trains other prevention programs for the Commonwealth of Virginia’s prevention and healthcare professionals. Charlie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management/Computer Information Systems and a Master’s of Education Degree in Adult and Higher Education.
Alternatives Inc
Alternatives, Inc., founded in 1973, is a nationally recognized youth development nonprofit whose vision is, “Healthy, principled, and creative young people valued as members of the community.” Everything we do is designed to build the specific assets that support young people as they grow into creative, compassionate and responsible adults. This means helping young people to: identify and manage their feelings, form positive friendships, make good decisions, creatively problem solve, discover their creativity and unique talents, and make a difference in their community. Alternatives embeds high quality programs into child care centers and after school programs in neighborhoods, schools, and community settings. In addition all program activities have secondary benefits that are aligned with increasing critical thinking skills, pre-literacy skills, and the intrinsic motivation of children to academically succeed. Using a variety of programs and activities, Alternatives inspires young people to discover their spark and achieve their inherent potential.
Paul Short
Paul Short has over two decades of Human Services experience in a variety of different roles including management and coordination in distinct sectors including business, government, and non-profit. He is a certified Master Trainer and Facilitator through Iowa State University Extension and Outreach. Additionally, he is an ordained minister and self- employed as a Personal and Business Coach. When not traveling the country, Paul enjoys volunteering for global service organizations.
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Alejandro Barbon Garcia
Alejandro Garcia-Barbon has over seven teen years of experience in the management, administration, planning and development of public health and behavioral health services. He is currently the Program Director for the Behavioral Health Service Line with Health-First, Inc., which provides behavioral health services to the senior adult population in Brevard County, Florida. Some of his professional experience includes the management of behavioral acute care services and the management of the National Latino Tobacco Prevention and Control Network. He also collaborates and provides guidance to state, county, and community policy makers regarding the development and implementation of effective prevention/wellness policies and practices. Alejandro has extensive experience facilitating town hall meetings, debates, forums, panel and group discussions, and school and community meetings. In addition, he monitors and provides technical assistance to public and private public health and behavioral health treatment providers throughout the country. His skills include organizing and directing resources, evaluating information, planning strategies, resolving problems, communicating ideas, facilitating conversations, building partnerships and collaborations, and motivating others to accomplish tasks within changing environments.