Virtual Promising Practice Exchange

This year’s PPEs will include virtual workshops that provide opportunities for CalFresh Healthy Living agencies to showcase local, regional, and national promising practices. Promising Practice Exchanges are designed to foster local and regional connections, develop regional learning communities, and allow opportunities for attendees to network with peers. The Virtual Promising Practice Exchanges are developed by planning committees made of local implementing agency representatives to address region-specific interests. This year, these sessions are available and open statewide, so anyone can join!
The overarching theme for this year’s virtual Promising Practice Exchanges is “CFHL work during COVID-19: lessons learned and ways to optimize future CFHL work in this new reality.”

Session Sub-Themes:

Our Virtual World!

This series of sessions will provide State level guidance on implementing virtual direct education, share best practices on how to adapt direct education to a virtual format, and showcase local implementing agencies already conducting virtual direct education and what’s worked for them.

Engaging Partners and Community Members

This sub-theme includes sessions on how to engage partners, how to engage community members virtually, and on ways to utilize social media to engage community members.

Re-focusing PSE Strategies

The Re-focusing PSE Strategies sub-theme includes sessions on two different PSE Strategies – Nutrition Standards and Daily Quality Physical Activity (PA).  A third session will focus on PSEs in schools.  All sessions will focus on how these strategies can be implemented in the current pandemic – such as online PA opportunities for communities.


For more information, please view our vPPE Promotional Flyer.

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