VPMC: 7 Habits of Highly Effective (NASA) Project Managers

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After the webcast, you may record this session in SATERN. To do so, log in to SATERN and then click on the “Record Learning” link on the right side. Type "Virtual PM Challenge" in the Search Catalog box and press “Next”. Click the “Select” circle to the right of the session "7 Habits of Highly Effective (NASA) Project Managers" and press “Next”. Fill out the appropriate information to complete recording this session in SATERN.

The Virtual PM Challenge will count as continuous learning for NASA PM certification. Please refer to our online FAQ’s for more information see FAQ#2.


NASA accomplishes mission success through teams led by project managers. Here at the NASA Virtual Project Management Challenge (VPMC), we wanted to answer the question, "What are the qualities of effective project managers?" In addition to looking at research gathered by the Project Management Institute, we asked our viewers. Hundreds of VPMC viewers responded describing the characteristics of effective project managers. As we reviewed the data, one thing was clear: effective project managers aren't born - they are made.

On the next VPMC, we will present the top 7 characteristics of effective project managers as informed by our viewer poll. For each characteristic, a NASA employee will illustrate how they applied that characteristic in their project management work. In addition to describing the characteristic in action, each presenter will provide advice on how others might develop their project management competencies. Please note: presenters for this VPMC will participate via pre-recorded interviews, so there will not be a Question & Answer session.



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