VPMC: Building Effective Project Teams for Mission Success

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After the webcast, you may record this session in SATERN. To do so, log in to SATERN and then click on the “Record Learning” link listed under links header. Type "NASA VPMC" in the Search Catalog box, Select "Other (Select one or more)" and press “Next." Click the “Select" circle to the right of the session "Building Effective Project Teams for Mission Success
" and press “Next." Fill out the appropriate information to complete recording this session in SATERN.

The Virtual PM Challenge will count as continuous learning for NASA PM certification. Please refer to our online FAQ’s for more information see FAQ#2.


NASA’s mission-critical work is performed by project teams. In this VPMC session we will explore strategies and tactics used to build and lead highly effective teams. We will use portions of previous VPMC sessions as well as new content. The following projects are featured in this session: Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE) III, and Astro-H. This session is entirely pre-recorded, so we will not have a live Q&A segment.



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