VPMC: SAGE III: Developing Internal Capabilities while Driving Mission Success

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The Virtual PM Challenge will count as continuous learning for NASA PM certification. Please refer to our online FAQ’s for more information see FAQ#2.


Managing in-house projects enables the agency to expand internal capabilities while advancing mission success. In its 2007 report, Building a Better NASA Workforce: Meeting the Workforce Needs for the National Vision for Space Exploration, a subcommittee of the National Research Council's Space Studies Board addressed something long known within NASA: in-house space flight projects provide NASA engineers with the hands-on experience they need to develop critical expertise in project management and systems engineering. Ten years later, there are numerous examples of how NASA projects have managed in-house work to develop the agency’s capabilities while also achieving mission success. During this Virtual Project Management Challenge session, we will look at an in-house project from NASA’s Langley Research Center (LaRC): Stratospheric Aerosol and Gas Experiment (SAGE) III/International Space Station. We will learn how the SAGE III team successfully developed and launched their project despite a 15-year hiatus in large in-house space flight projects at LaRC.

Mike Cisewski, Project Manager for SAGE III/International Space Station 



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